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• Where are we

Happiness is a big part to life. Though this life shouldn’t be all fun and games, that seems fake. Or does it? My life is about bringing joy to my soul. Living with depression is about finding strength within. That strength is designed on a trickery. Our minds can be altered if we truly fight to do so. I like to laugh, smile, and live in the moment as much as I can when I can. No matter what is going on, I want to laugh. What is the point of life it is all about seriousness twenty four seven? My whole life I’ve been searching for a sense of stillness. Once when I expressed this ideal it was thrown down in a very passive way. That it is not stillness but about finding a person who can bring passion out of you. That you want someone to bring you to life.

There are times I am here, in that stillness. That Zen of purpose. Where I am living deep within the present moment of my time. Worrying about nothing from my past or anything frivolous future. Cause that is what a future is, unknown thus having little value to it. When we finally reach that future it is in the moment of now. Where it is filled with value. Peace is my goal in life. That comes from building my world around me to open doors for those in my life. Power brings a sense of stillness and worry free peace. Growing everyday in a my path to becoming a successful Producer, Entertainer, living artist making magic happen around me, these things these ventures are all a part of a much larger purpose.

In less than two years living in Brooklyn I have found a definitive purpose I had not been aware of in my past. Still I teach people, still I create artistic express daily, still I move forward each day, but all this was filling my day without purpose or reason. Now living here my reason has become exponentially clearer to my mind and soul. Do I mislead my soul into darkness and lay depressed in absolution? Yes, of course I still do. But I keep moving forward because I have found purpose. There is still a darkness to where we are but I want to believe my light breaks those walls of emptiness each time I choice to live in the moment instead of for a moment.

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