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• Preparation

Getting started begins with preparation. For any venture one might embark on it is clear to have a steady sense of emotional, physical, and mental preparation. This kind of awareness can help develop a strong game plan when working on S.M.A.R.T. Goals. Since every task will involve you as a person. Setting these S.M.A.R.T. Goals to your abilities help grant an inward willingness to take action. Time Management can overwhelm any strong Preparation if handled outside a controlled schedule. Writing a web series like ‘The Circle‘ is more than having an idea. The process is getting people together to work together so they can grow together.

For me it was about gathering up a group of people I believed in and trusted. To me ‘Team Rise Together’ embodies such a mentality. An automatic trusting bond between them and I. This project is a gathering of talented people all working diligently toward a specific task. A task designated to their particular skill set. Everyone from our producers, to the writers, cast and crew, down to the smallest aspect of a project. Before you even get to this point, for me, it was about setting up a ‘Business Plan’ and knowing where to begin so I knew where it was going. Every venture is safer when you know the course you are taking.

It has lead this team to a beautiful place. First, ‘oh DEER! Productions‘ is at 8,834 on the MOVIEmeter for IMDb. The show itself is at 56,478 and fluctuates between 27,000 and 80,000-ish. Which is a huge accomplishment for an unknown show and production company. Now, ‘oh DEER! Productions’ is our creative company whereas ‘BBR Productions Inc‘ is more of the go get the money people, marketing team, and advisers. It all works. We prepared as needed and jumped right onto the moving train. Now we are in the Funds fun factor ← AH alliteration always awesome! Raising our production budget begins with $1.00!

Where does your venture begin!? Do you have what it takes to… … Do you!?

Make A Right Left Here (My official page website)
BBR Productions Inc. (Direct company link)


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