Peace; The Final Frontier

06 13 16
• Peace; The Final Frontier

Peace; The Final Frontier. A place most of us dream of being. There are others patiently moving calmly in this state of mind. Yet, few will understand how one can live softly inside a mental utopia of peace. Deep in a revolving door of turmoil our speck of a blue planet carries a filthy human race destroying our potential destiny to be great. Mourning for those we have loved, for strangers we sympathize with, from these fallen souls will tears stop in our hands of action or flow into rivers of endless blood?

Generally for people a random happening causes change. These outstanding and woeful points in time adjust thinking patterns into realigning inward hopes. Human conditioning is oddly aggressive down to every tiny twist or minor tweak within our invisible psyche. Being lost inside a drone’s body can be fearfully overwhelming. However, the lot of us take steps into that blank stare walk each day. What malevolent act must arise to activate a transition inside you? Life happens in seconds, not years…

I am one voice obscured in an ocean of incoherent rants filled with lemmings spewing lost ideals at misguided cultures killing to be correct. One voice. But, even a single spark camouflaged in a collage of stars could one day grow into a sun bright enough to influence birth in worlds. I have one small ripple to add to life, one small pondering query of hope for humanity. Stop making excuses or waiting for a big bang to change the life you despise. Start living among one another, as an individual, in a group.

This death we call life is destroying our universal hope for possibility. Begin each day to see the best in yourself. Understand things have zero meaning until we place that meaning unto it. Be peaceful with your neighbors near and far. Be truthful with yourself. Speak your soul. Be happy, find happiness, and change what makes you unhappy. You have a dream? Be vigilant in your sacrifice to make those dreams come true. BE YOU!

If I am to die, if you are to die, I want to know each of you have a beautiful tomorrow waiting for you. That you could potentially wake each morning in a glorious tomorrow of possibility. Know we are not promised tomorrow and for that you must live in today with great hope that you will regret nothing in your tomorrow morning, if and when you wake. You deserve every moment within you. Read this with your mind soaring in ideas to be your truest self. Read it with motivating strength. Read it and believe.

Be captivating to others while opening doors to your peaceful resolve! Truth in action!

Peace in harmony, until again…
~ Thomas J. Bellezza

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One thought on “Peace; The Final Frontier

  1. Magnificent. Simply splendorous. Been watching ‘Cosmos’ have we?! This is perfectly delightful, uplifting and full of hope. More, I wish you this beauty within you own mind-full of Peace. May your morning and day go easily. May you witness and serve much Beauty through your senses, observations, and interactions. Thank you for this inspiration to start the day. Wellness with you …

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