Depression’s Depth

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• Depression’s Depth

Into a bottomless pit of empty wonders and lost ideas. Dark roads flicking with desperate light attempting to break through your eyes. Hopeless pressure pushing down upon your body, left untouched by options. The warmth of blankets covering your soul, keeping you in a prison of failed efforts to get up and out. ‘Snap out of it’ echoes in your deaf ears punished by truths filling your soul in negative ways. A glimmer of cheer is there waiting washed in rage, roaring for victory in a cell built to withstand a battling battalion. Your will left bruised in a sea of crumbling rock as you float underneath years of destruction.

Battling depression is an uphill crawl with weight holding you down. Often I am forced to remember I work hard to keep sharp knives at bay inside me. Breaking my door down to feel freedom is a struggle at times, but I know I’m not the only one. About one hundred percent of the time I am walking in a state of depression. What I’ve taught myself is how to keep it slightly at bay. Therefor there are times I am less depressed. The world around me pushes me to these darker states. And when I am there it is difficult to relate to others. I want to be left in my room, alone and with the one person who gets it, me. That could be dangerous.

Depression is a cancer fighting to kill you. You are stronger than death with a strong will and people around you being supportive. Depression is real, it is not a made up thing people say is going on as an excuse. Like all ailments it must be treated with respect. It must be presented with a sense of urgency. Treat those living with depression as you would a person with cancer, or any other ailment. They need your support and not your pity. Give them your time when it is needed. Be able, not overbearing. Extend your hand when they call for it. Pushing the matter can make it worst at times. These are my opinions on how I am with my own depression.

You are stronger than the fall…

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5 thoughts on “Depression’s Depth

  1. Hi Thomas 😀
    It has been a while since your last post, hasn’t it ? Glad you are fighting that danged depression, but it has to run its course. See you on the other side my friend. I’m always here (when I am here 😀 )

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