What three things help a person to succeed?

• 3 Things to bring your mind into the Now!

Best part about life is the journey. Experiencing all woes and joys in an undecided fate is a wonderful feeling. Fearfully so, I might add and yet, I still believe that my mind can handle it. What is next, what will happen? With plans filled in endless dreams about doing what I love, anything is possible when it comes to stopping or helping my efforts forward. In the beginning, or end, I am the great decider of what I will do next.

A time for proactive movement is at an constant NOW! Hurt, sick, penniless, without opportunity!? Forget that crap. Fear is in the mind. People with no arms and legs make careers doing what they love. People without opportunity create chance. People who have loss everything find success again. There is a huge difference between a failed individual and successful person. That separation is a person willing to take responsibility of their current situation and changing it.

Allow me to suggest three things to bring your mind into the NOW!

ONE : Do what you enjoy. If you are doing your passion it will help you wake up in the morning. It will remind you that you are not working a dead-end job but making a difference in bringing your dream to life. Breathe in what you love and turn it into your purpose. You can make a living doing what you love.

DOS : Manage your money wisely. Know what your monthly overhead is. How much it cost you and your life business to survive. Save over your expense by organizing your money. Have four business bank accounts (Primary Checking, Security Savings, Growth Savings, Dream Savings). Spend less than you save. Set a budget to live and die by. Take control of your money.

DREI : An unstoppable Team around you. This game of success is not about friends. It is about the right friends, right family, and the right people surrounding you. Make sure the value of your life is filled with the value of those around you. Positivity builds productivity. It’s nice to work with your friends but if they are keeping you down then it is time to find someone else. Life is once.

Believe in you and those around you and then become the change you want to see in this world. Be becoming successful doing what you love it will add to the world around and promote positivity and hope! Peace in harmony!

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Music Along the Sound

08 31 16

• Music Along the Sound

Music is the heart of life. It connects us even when our languages seem silence and lost in translation. Music moves the world around us and brings people together. It has the power to drive motivation or tackle your soul down to darken shadows deep within depression. Music is and will always be a growing part of our lives as people even if we do not truly wish to embrace it. If you walk in the outside world, or watch TV/Movies, that music will hit you right in the heart.

As of late I have been working diligently on both a live album for my one year cancer free celebration for 2017 and for my studio album. What a difficult time for my memory buttons. Dealing with reasons of leaving TENEbRAE and watching music fade around me. Well, it is time to bring it back to life. Every week I have dedicated a few hours to writing, cleaning up, or practicing music. It is a part of who I am, why change that in any fashion!?

If I did this to be successful in life I would have the wrong idea. I am creating art to ensure my soul can live again. The success of this entertainer comes from Networking, Marketing, and Practicing my craft. If you believe product brings success you are forgetting about the most important part about success… people. People must have an attachment to your Brand (Marketing), like you (Networking), and you must be good enough to do what you do (Practice) so all the above pays off in the end.

BE ALIVE and sing your soul free with an instrument or your voice!

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I Feel Like A Unicorn

08 03 16

• I Feel Like A Unicorn

Transcendence touches few people in this world. Some are lucky enough to reach it through meditation, or world building events. Others are bound by wars, or extreme stress that takes your body beyond its limits until that mind is floating above a life you once thought you could understand. Coming back home to rest near people who have yet to discover where your mind has had a journey moreover its expected ability. Who are they now!?

For over a year I felt warn, weak, and in pain. A sense of death routed through my dreams as I could hardly walk up stairs. A simple task caused my breath to fail on me. I tossed it up to my nerve system acting up. It eventually began impeding on my ability to make my rounds. To get out there for comedy, production meetings, even sitting in my chair to write. The major change came when I could not walk up stairs once I reached the fifth step. Got myself to the doctor.

If you feel broken then go get checked. Cancer has opened my eyes to life. I am seeing things differently and more purely. What matter in beforehand is in a silent wonder in the back of my mind. While I move forward in a clear breathing and open sky. Living with one Kidney is as many others do. All the stories are making me feel better. This is my story, my traveling adventures of a resilient entertainer who is kind of on break while I heal more. Open doors for those around you and live.

Peace in harmony, until again…
~ Thomas J. Bellezza

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Peace; The Final Frontier

06 13 16
• Peace; The Final Frontier

Peace; The Final Frontier. A place most of us dream of being. There are others patiently moving calmly in this state of mind. Yet, few will understand how one can live softly inside a mental utopia of peace. Deep in a revolving door of turmoil our speck of a blue planet carries a filthy human race destroying our potential destiny to be great. Mourning for those we have loved, for strangers we sympathize with, from these fallen souls will tears stop in our hands of action or flow into rivers of endless blood?

Generally for people a random happening causes change. These outstanding and woeful points in time adjust thinking patterns into realigning inward hopes. Human conditioning is oddly aggressive down to every tiny twist or minor tweak within our invisible psyche. Being lost inside a drone’s body can be fearfully overwhelming. However, the lot of us take steps into that blank stare walk each day. What malevolent act must arise to activate a transition inside you? Life happens in seconds, not years…

I am one voice obscured in an ocean of incoherent rants filled with lemmings spewing lost ideals at misguided cultures killing to be correct. One voice. But, even a single spark camouflaged in a collage of stars could one day grow into a sun bright enough to influence birth in worlds. I have one small ripple to add to life, one small pondering query of hope for humanity. Stop making excuses or waiting for a big bang to change the life you despise. Start living among one another, as an individual, in a group.

This death we call life is destroying our universal hope for possibility. Begin each day to see the best in yourself. Understand things have zero meaning until we place that meaning unto it. Be peaceful with your neighbors near and far. Be truthful with yourself. Speak your soul. Be happy, find happiness, and change what makes you unhappy. You have a dream? Be vigilant in your sacrifice to make those dreams come true. BE YOU!

If I am to die, if you are to die, I want to know each of you have a beautiful tomorrow waiting for you. That you could potentially wake each morning in a glorious tomorrow of possibility. Know we are not promised tomorrow and for that you must live in today with great hope that you will regret nothing in your tomorrow morning, if and when you wake. You deserve every moment within you. Read this with your mind soaring in ideas to be your truest self. Read it with motivating strength. Read it and believe.

Be captivating to others while opening doors to your peaceful resolve! Truth in action!

Peace in harmony, until again…
~ Thomas J. Bellezza

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Where are we

05 29 16
• Where are we

Happiness is a big part to life. Though this life shouldn’t be all fun and games, that seems fake. Or does it? My life is about bringing joy to my soul. Living with depression is about finding strength within. That strength is designed on a trickery. Our minds can be altered if we truly fight to do so. I like to laugh, smile, and live in the moment as much as I can when I can. No matter what is going on, I want to laugh. What is the point of life it is all about seriousness twenty four seven? My whole life I’ve been searching for a sense of stillness. Once when I expressed this ideal it was thrown down in a very passive way. That it is not stillness but about finding a person who can bring passion out of you. That you want someone to bring you to life.

There are times I am here, in that stillness. That Zen of purpose. Where I am living deep within the present moment of my time. Worrying about nothing from my past or anything frivolous future. Cause that is what a future is, unknown thus having little value to it. When we finally reach that future it is in the moment of now. Where it is filled with value. Peace is my goal in life. That comes from building my world around me to open doors for those in my life. Power brings a sense of stillness and worry free peace. Growing everyday in a my path to becoming a successful Producer, Entertainer, living artist making magic happen around me, these things these ventures are all a part of a much larger purpose.

In less than two years living in Brooklyn I have found a definitive purpose I had not been aware of in my past. Still I teach people, still I create artistic express daily, still I move forward each day, but all this was filling my day without purpose or reason. Now living here my reason has become exponentially clearer to my mind and soul. Do I mislead my soul into darkness and lay depressed in absolution? Yes, of course I still do. But I keep moving forward because I have found purpose. There is still a darkness to where we are but I want to believe my light breaks those walls of emptiness each time I choice to live in the moment instead of for a moment.

Be more than what you think it should be!?
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05 11 16
• Preparation

Getting started begins with preparation. For any venture one might embark on it is clear to have a steady sense of emotional, physical, and mental preparation. This kind of awareness can help develop a strong game plan when working on S.M.A.R.T. Goals. Since every task will involve you as a person. Setting these S.M.A.R.T. Goals to your abilities help grant an inward willingness to take action. Time Management can overwhelm any strong Preparation if handled outside a controlled schedule. Writing a web series like ‘The Circle‘ is more than having an idea. The process is getting people together to work together so they can grow together.

For me it was about gathering up a group of people I believed in and trusted. To me ‘Team Rise Together’ embodies such a mentality. An automatic trusting bond between them and I. This project is a gathering of talented people all working diligently toward a specific task. A task designated to their particular skill set. Everyone from our producers, to the writers, cast and crew, down to the smallest aspect of a project. Before you even get to this point, for me, it was about setting up a ‘Business Plan’ and knowing where to begin so I knew where it was going. Every venture is safer when you know the course you are taking.

It has lead this team to a beautiful place. First, ‘oh DEER! Productions‘ is at 8,834 on the MOVIEmeter for IMDb. The show itself is at 56,478 and fluctuates between 27,000 and 80,000-ish. Which is a huge accomplishment for an unknown show and production company. Now, ‘oh DEER! Productions’ is our creative company whereas ‘BBR Productions Inc‘ is more of the go get the money people, marketing team, and advisers. It all works. We prepared as needed and jumped right onto the moving train. Now we are in the Funds fun factor ← AH alliteration always awesome! Raising our production budget begins with $1.00!

Where does your venture begin!? Do you have what it takes to… http://www.MakeARightLeftHere.com … Do you!?

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Depression’s Depth

05 03 16.jpg
• Depression’s Depth

Into a bottomless pit of empty wonders and lost ideas. Dark roads flicking with desperate light attempting to break through your eyes. Hopeless pressure pushing down upon your body, left untouched by options. The warmth of blankets covering your soul, keeping you in a prison of failed efforts to get up and out. ‘Snap out of it’ echoes in your deaf ears punished by truths filling your soul in negative ways. A glimmer of cheer is there waiting washed in rage, roaring for victory in a cell built to withstand a battling battalion. Your will left bruised in a sea of crumbling rock as you float underneath years of destruction.

Battling depression is an uphill crawl with weight holding you down. Often I am forced to remember I work hard to keep sharp knives at bay inside me. Breaking my door down to feel freedom is a struggle at times, but I know I’m not the only one. About one hundred percent of the time I am walking in a state of depression. What I’ve taught myself is how to keep it slightly at bay. Therefor there are times I am less depressed. The world around me pushes me to these darker states. And when I am there it is difficult to relate to others. I want to be left in my room, alone and with the one person who gets it, me. That could be dangerous.

Depression is a cancer fighting to kill you. You are stronger than death with a strong will and people around you being supportive. Depression is real, it is not a made up thing people say is going on as an excuse. Like all ailments it must be treated with respect. It must be presented with a sense of urgency. Treat those living with depression as you would a person with cancer, or any other ailment. They need your support and not your pity. Give them your time when it is needed. Be able, not overbearing. Extend your hand when they call for it. Pushing the matter can make it worst at times. These are my opinions on how I am with my own depression.

You are stronger than the fall…

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