3 things to help your career in Entertainment

Tip of the week : 3 things to help your career in Entertainment

Been in the game too long with nothing really going on? Feel a mostly stagnant, or horizontal movement, to every effort? Things need to change up in life to make a difference. A career is considered nowhere if in 5+ years nothing is happening. Truth is, something is being done incorrectly or not at all. Talent is one part of many sides to success, longevity, and ultimately a person’s purpose in life. These 3 things will help any career find a footing to step up their game.

1) Know the business you are in. An actor should know more than how to act. Acting is what they do, it is not their job. A job always entails specific ins and outs of getting, maintaining, and growing at any given career. Learn how the business works. A great starting point is to break up needed tasks for a specific career. Below is an example list to get the brain thinking.

Look at life and a career as a Triangle. There are three main sides, then the front and back.
3 Needs of Success : Network, Market, Practice.
3 Needs of Longevity : Management (Time, Money, and People), Entrepreneur Brain, Talent.
3 Needs of Purpose : Security, Growth, and Dream.
Front : 8 Assets to invest in.
Back : Treat your life like a business (Go incorporate yourself).

2) Change the brain, change the game. Regroup focus from thinking ‘talent = work’, or ‘work = work’. Could it, yes? But the idea of a career and building longevity comes from being proactive. Focus effort in an entertainment career the same way a business owner does for their donut shop. Making donuts is what they do (Acting equivalent), but they budget, manage their company, and find solutions.

3) Work together, grow together, and rise together. Whatever game this is the more team players a person has the better chance they can win a game. The amount is important, as is the value. Look around your team and see where they are. If they are doing what you are doing, then change your circle. Or at least expand out into other circles too. Who you hang around benefits who you are.

If you are the smartest and most successful person in the room then you are in the wrong room.

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• Poetry

Where does poetry come from? Is it an art form? Poetry of life is an answer to a questions I have been seeking since I could remember. How things flow, why they flow, who moves us the most? It comes from our passion when we least expect. Sitting before a blank page until words dance out into an every laying grave. That seemed a tad morose, so I digress, open your thoughts to moving effort.

I look at poetry as action. If on paper or through movement. We create poetry when we interact fluently with others. Helping people find ways to connect to their dreams, or even when a person simply is motivated by a little smile. We can paint the world together if we choose to move rhythmically upon it. Let music flow silently inside you through your desires, pounding in your heart.

Become a deafening advance on the world around you. When the world stops moving, and humans no longer exist, let our history be known in the memory of our spirits. Remain in life because your purpose was recognized. Add to the people of Earth, and touch the energy of chance. I am happy to become the poetry I seek in life and I wish for you to find yours.

Cave upon me your willingness
And I shall lift your worries away
Touch what I cannot see today
Inspiring my dreams of sun rays

Lifting emptiness in full reach
Our arms stronger if we preach
No war can come from friends
Life will praise peace hand in stand

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Tip of the week : Marketing (Maintaining a Brand Message)


Marketing : Maintaining a Brand Message

A brand message is a gathering of three things; Voice, Image, and the Conversation of your audience. Maintaining this message is a process based on utilizing your list of a Voice and Image vs the Conversation of an audience. Write out a list of ideas that are believed to be things a Brand stands for. This list will be a guideline to watching what the audience is waiting to hear/see, and interact with. This list can change over the years, and is only a guideline. Over time a Brand will find its footing.

To maintain a brand message check the list and listen to an audience. Their reaction is vital to how any Brand should proceed. Another advantageous method is look at the with non bias eyes. This is a helpful way of seeing if the message is both clear and consistent. If things seem outside the original brand message it is time to start changing things up. The value of a Brand message affects the way an audience will perceive their emotional attachment to future brand ventures.

A consistently clear cut message to an audience will ensure longevity and growth. To add value to the rule of 10% keep the message going in a specific direction. This method will help the return be greater in the long run. Changing the message, or the familiarity of said message, to an audience can confuse or distort their perception and actually turn them away. Also, introducing a new message weakens the efforts of the rule of 10%.

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Tip of the week : Networking (Loyalty)

Tip of the week : Networking : Loyalty

Loyalty is the foundation of relationship growth. The power of friendship is based on being there for those you care for. A working relationship begins with trust then gains loyalty. This is why people are loyal to a brand. Pepsi vs Coke, Nike vs Rebecca shoes, and of course Star Wars vs Star Trek. Now some times a person can like both things, and yes, people can have more than one best friend. The concept of Loyalty is to give respect where respect is due.

When a person(s) goes out of their way for you, or gives you their time without question, this is a great way to build a relationship. The give aspect of networking. Though, when the time comes and you could utilize their ‘help’ or ‘serves’ but then you go and pay someone who you have no relationship with… this is bad networking. It breaks the chains of Loyalty. Taking and taking from a person in a relationship then giving nothing back is an insult to the time you spent together.

Be very careful with Loyalty. Loyalty is the difference between someone always being there and someone you showed disrespect to whom won’t be there for again. Networking is building and cultivating relationships. It is by far the most important aspect of success in this business of life. It helps us in our careers and with the people within in our three circles; Friends, Family, and Associates. Embrace the value of those worth your circle, but most of all respect the time Loyalty takes to be earn.

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TIP OF THE WEEK – Networking : The Follow Up

Networking : The Follow Up
More essential than a first meeting is the follow up. A follow up is simply reaching out to a person(s) met recently to acknowledge it even happen. Commonly seen are ‘Thank you for meeting me’, ‘Great meeting you the other night’, and of course ‘Met you last night, let’s get lunch!’. It is a nice way of reminding a person how much fun that initial meeting went. Even when the meeting was at a networking event, or a friend introducing a friend. What is a Follow up really? Why is it important and when and how does a person handle a proper follow up?
Traditionally a good follow up should be limited to no later than three days after meeting a person. Two days is safe, and one day is a perfectly timed follow up. Keeping it short and to the point is helpful too while adding an ‘Emotional Moment’ inside the follow up. Maybe a joke was said, or a nice story about XYZ happened, and adding a reminder of this helps recall the feelings everyone had within the conversation in the first place. And finally, but not last, keep from asking for things within a follow up unless prompt too. Such as the other person suggesting lunch at the first interaction.
After a follow up, maintaining that relationship begins with keeping in touch with them. Focus on a routine and naturally flowed schedule of keeping these people in the rotation of life. A follow up, and future contact, with a person can be done through any means of communication: Emails, Phone Call, Text, Social Media Message, etc. I like an email for my follow up, and slowly move up to a phone call over time. My personal favorite is sending out inspirational text messages randomly to my friends, family, and associates to let them know I am thinking of them.
A network of people will be there at the beginning and the end of a person’s journey with communication!
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TIP OF THE WEEK – Get a Manager or an Agent

Performer : Get a Manager or an Agent

The true secret to getting a manager or an agent is in the form of Networking, Marketing, and Practicing within the chosen field of interest. Building and cultivation those relationships is an establishing point to open doors for opportunity. Next, take a Brand to build awareness which creates interest and ultimately generates sales (or involvement). And finally practice the given skill/craft and the two aforementioned necessities to develop a naturally instinctive ability to be present of your effort at all time.

Often I will state how Networking, Marketing, and Practicing leads to success. There will always be a general fundamental in those three things. That feeling of enlightenment when the realization of a networking circle’s value is revealed. Friends, family, and associates will lead to opportunity. When I first met my acting manager it was through a mutual friend who had already spoke grandly, and truthfully, about me. It was my Brand that allowed him to have something to speak about. Who I was, what I do, how well I do it, and my personality in general.
Once I was in the room it was knowing what my brand is. How it would benefit both parties to a mutual working relationship. Before I walked into that room they were already 30+ years into the business and did not need my help to make any more money. So the old ‘Send me on auditions and I’ll get booked’ mentality was out the window. Instead, I explained how I was making a living doing it already. How my career (Brand) was growing and established. Managers/Agents want to take on an already growing and working client because they know you will actually utilize their help.

Friends lead to doors, brand opens them, and practice keeps you inside!

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COMIC CON 2016!!!

COMIC CON 2016!!!

Four days of amazing adventure. Did I explore a little, Yes, but I mostly stayed put at The Grey Woods booth. Which is fine. 180K+ showed up and a majority of those people walked by and I said hi. Comic Con is different for each person attending. For most it is a fun place to show off their costume they’ve been working on for months. For others it is a place to be seen, to show their creations off to people: Books, drawings, etc. Unless your Marvel then it’s all about LOOK AT WHAT WE HAVE COMING! And that’s a good fun thing.

What is Comic Con to me? A place to Network, Market, and Practice my skill in growing my career in life. To be at the mercy of hundreds of thousands of people and just say ‘Hey, take my photo’ is not what I am about. This event was much more than that to me. I always try to build relationships with people, and most importantly let people know who I am and what I do. This is where the practice comes in. I filmed a little for my Make A Right Left Here TV, messed with a few people to add to the fun of it all. I swapped cards with business owners and people alike! It was fun. Also got interviewed!

Now after all that, what is the point of Comic Con!? For me, it was about follow ups. I reached out to people and emailed them, where I could I added them on social media, and I showed interest in what they have to offer because I actually care too. I had to organize all the photos and videos and set up a release of each so I can get the most out of it instead of just sharing everything in one big shot. Marketing is about slow and steady to get the most out of it. Anyone can do it, they need only have a schedule filled with patience.

Oh, and I enjoyed the experience of Comic Con for the first time! Great fun!

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