“Why So Serious” Poem from SHE

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Why So Serious

I heard a joke in the beat of a sway
About this person or the other being gay
What humor could stand its ground
Laughing at a person acting a clown
Perspective is always enlightening
When you see truth in your frightening
Take a listen at what you hear
Inside your anger what do you fear
So stop for a moment and take a gander
Educate yourself so to stop what you pander
I am afraid comedy will get lost and amidst
In a silent crowd unwilling to get taken a piss

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To have finished my poetry book, “SHE” was a passion project that helped me through my battle with kidney cancer. I am honored by all the love and support that helped me find my inner strength and conquer my path with grace and art! Peace and love!

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QUESTION: I would love to know below in the comments who was your favorite poet, or a poem you really loved to read?

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