“Music” Poem from SHE

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Music is the key to tune a melodic soul
It tells us how we feel and what we know
Aggressive pain ripping and tearing in shame
Or happiness in a near miss of moments amidst

Without the sound that is silent in the mid of the art
We would be closed to the truth of our rising hearts
There without the soul of another burning for a lover
It is there we would be empty of words far from another

Even without her next to your mind in any rhyme
You’ll always see her as you did the night you tried
With soul filled metaphors in a world of forevermore
May tears kindly dry in a hope of deep reward

In fate of the truth that could never sleep
For you this joy forever in impatient wait
Within the notes of an unsteady beating heart
You’ll write the words that grew from the start

And place them carefully masterfully in the air
To move massive trees with ease letting out a tear
While you introduce the sky willingly to the sea
The soul turns knowingly all is as it was meant to be

And words of melody are cast into the void of reality
To imbue oceans aside the tide to ride all this for you
So among each other under the moon’s reflecting spark
Like life’s melody, the music of the world sings to mark

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To have finished my poetry book, “SHE” was a passion project that helped me through my battle with kidney cancer. I am honored by all the love and support that helped me find my inner strength and conquer my path with grace and art! Peace and love!

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