“Summer Free” Poem from SHE

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“Summer Free”

Cold sneaks in through open windows shroud
Fire’s bright sun pales behind a soft white cloud
Aloof, children hiding among long sleeve shirts
What once was heard in playful delight deserts

Now await quietly for snow dropped flakes to reach
In fish smooth lakes fathers and sons bond in speech
Shakes of wind forced upon a trees beautiful leaves
To a ground where sons and fathers rake with heaves

Whispers of jack-o-lanterns cry out in attention pleads
No longer late days blanket runs of dirt covered jeans
Night covers streets quickly for life’s children to sleep
How summer breeze lay deeply still in memory’s cheek

Friends are laughing while giggling away scrapped knees
From long late nights of hide and go seek deep in the trees
Oh winter I know you’re coming with great cheer and holiday
Those family gatherings with presents for all happy and gay

But how free we all felt in summer’s short-lived open call
Till again, spring leaping into warm embracing arms for all

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To have finished my poetry book, “SHE” was a passion project that helped me through my battle with kidney cancer. I am honored by all the love and support that helped me find my inner strength and conquer my path with grace and art! Peace and love!

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