“Air Of God” Poem from SHE

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“Air Of God”

I searched until I was no more
In my form, I was the air of war
Oh how I caved into the blood
That became rivers dried in mud

And the sky fell to fill my empty seas
This world rocked in faded harmony
Where bodies blanket the stained land
Nourishing trees of spirits unplanned

It is here where you cannot find me
Feel me or track me down and guide me
Red and dried eyes that cry deep inside
Will define you over eons in viscous time

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To have finished my poetry book, “SHE” was a passion project that helped me through my battle with kidney cancer. I am honored by all the love and support that helped me find my inner strength and conquer my path with grace and art! Peace and love!

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QUESTION: I would love to know below in the comments who was your favorite poet, or a poem you really loved to read?

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