Altayon w/JD McGibney “Beyond Death’s Shoulder” Acoustic

A massive thanks to Mr. JD McGibney from Angels on the Battlefield for sitting in to play through this extremely doomy song. I had a blast working this out with him. Beyond Death’s Shoulder is a new Altayon song. JD’s Website: Do you have what it takes to…. MY NEW POETRY BOOK; “SHE” My band “ALTAYON” is on SPOTIFY; • Robinhood (Affiliate Link): • SWAG: • Help support on Patreon Follow my traveling adventure… @ThomasJBellezza FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM Free resources for you to join along on… Facebook Group For Entertainers To Succeed: A monthly “How To Succeed In Entertainment” newsletter: Premium courses available… 365 Days To Success: Main Page: The equipment I use… [Camera (Cell Phone) LG V20] [MICROPHONE] [Headphones] [LAVALIERE MICROPHONE] [STANDALONE MICROPHONE] [POP FILTER] [TRIPOD] [SD CARD] [LIGHTING] [ACOUSTIC PANELS] [DESKTOP] [VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE] [THUMBNAIL EDITING SOFTWARE] The books I recommend… #1 BOOK I RECOMMEND (Wealth): #2 BOOK I RECOMMEND (Mindset): #3 BOOK I RECOMMEND (Networking): #4 BOOK I RECOMMEND (Investing): #5 BOOK I RECOMMEND (Warren Buffett): Acting Books I recommend… #1 BOOK I RECOMMEND (Sanford Meisner): #2 BOOK I RECOMMEND (Voice-Over Acting): #3 BOOK I RECOMMEND (Business Of Acting): #4 BOOK I RECOMMEND (Stella Adler): #5 BOOK I RECOMMEND (War Of Art): Friend’s Youtube Pages JD McGibney: If you need a little blurb bio “about me” go here Me in a nutshell: Musician, Comedian, Actor, Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Consultant, Public Speaker, I like monkeys and may or may not know a thing or two about the number 3. That seemed like a lot, but since you read all the way down to this point, email me with the subject line “So You know A Thing Or Two About The Number Three, Do You?” and get a surprise email return!

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