Consumed in darkness


(A fifth entry from the mind of Lord Telmorn Altayon. Follow his fears, his strengths… ~ Thomas J. Bellezza)

• Consumed in darkness 

Pleasantly pure in sightless anger. Where light fears secrets in serenity’s silence. Touching tightly together tears taught to tangle till the thievery tales take traitorous thought tonight. Banish me in forever if all I am gifted are rants of misery, or passions of poison. Hearing her, or lashes on carrying backs left to peel of skin while bells peal through their wounded ears. Together we can leave the rest behind and question not our cowardly cares dictated by others misinformed perception. To hands of horror or the sands of time, take a stance against the crimes of tomorrow.

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• Thomas J. Bellezza (My entertainer page)
• BBR Productions Inc. (My production company)
• Top Of The Bottom Pile (Comedy Tour)
• Make A Right Left Here TV (My web based TV show)
• Lord Telmorn Altayon (A character I write about, the first God)
• Altayon (My Theatrical Progressive Metal Band)
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