Relationships Pros and Cons

• Relationships Pros and Cons

Your personal life is very important in maintaining sanity. So keep it separate from your business life. Many entertainers do this well, others actually are very bad at it. Who you are dating, hanging out with or maybe just banging, are things only you and that person(s) must know. What’s so important about keeping your relationships (friendly or romantic) private? Because they are private. Your “Brand” (business) has nothing to do with what you do behind closed doors. Selling your Brand to the public takes a lot of work.

Vince Neil is not Vince Neil all the time. He shuts it off when he is off stage and not selling his Brand. Actors have Brands too. The point is, when you let the fan-base into your private life you are taking away two things and adding one immensely bad thing; 1) The illusion of what your Brand represents (think of a politician or better yet a Wrestler – The Undertaker is not throwing his child around like the walking dead guy), 2) Your limited control over what people see into your Brand. (Think James Hetfield in shorts).

One immensely bad thing : You are adding an open doorway into your privacy. More accurately, your peace of mind. Allowing your fan-base to feel like a friend will overwhelm you in the long run. An entertainer may seem like they are on all the time but trust me, an entertainer needs a moment to rest their act. Everyone does. I am sure people who work 9 – 5 come home with a need to just crash, while zoning out on nonsensical TV for an hour or two. After dealing with their work day ALL day, it can take some sickly toll on you.

Keep your relationships private. That includes your friendships and romantic relationships. Your audience is an audience for a reason. You are working, selling your Brand, and growing a business to make a living. When you are around your friends, family and loved ones you don’t sell to them. You may work with them, but that’s a business relationship you keep professional as they help grow your business too. Maybe you are helping them grow their business.

Next time you’re buying something at 7-Eleven, ask the cashier if you can hangout with them after their shift… My point exactly!

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