Networking: Loyalty

Networking: Loyalty


Loyalty is the foundation of relationship growth. The power of friendship is based on being there for those you care for. A working relationship begins with trust then gains loyalty. This is why people are loyal to a brand. Pepsi vs Coke, Nike vs Rebecca shoes, and of course Star Wars vs Star Trek. Now sometimes a person can like both things, and yes, people can have more than one best friend. The concept of Loyalty is to give respect where respect is due.

When a person(s) goes out of their way for you or gives you their time without question, this is a great way to build a relationship. The giving aspect of networking. Though, when the time comes and you could utilize their ‘help’ or ‘services’ but then you go and pay someone who you have no relationship with… this is bad networking. It breaks the chains of Loyalty. Taking and taking from a person in a relationship than giving nothing back is an insult to the time you spent together.

Be very careful with Loyalty. Loyalty is the difference between someone always being there and someone you showed disrespect to whom won’t be there for again. Networking is building and cultivating relationships. It is by far the most important aspect of success in this business of life. It helps us in our careers and with the people within in our three circles; Friends, Family, and Associates. Embrace the value of those worth your circle, but most of all respect the time loyalty takes to be earned.

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