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I am well known enough, as a celebrity, to know what a stalker is. I mean, I am no Brad Pitt, but I have been known to be stopped in public from time to time. This comes from my entertaining ways! Love entertaining, hate being stalked. Let’s say a great deal of celebrities hate being loved by stalkers. I could only image what an every day kind of person must feel like. At least a celebrity gets attention right away to stop said crazy person.

I’ve dealt with a few here and there, the worst form of stalker are the aggressive types. So much so they interrupt your personal life. I can understand sending love letters, or even playing around through emails. That’s fine. I have one major rule when it comes to my life; My personal life is personal and my professional life is professional. I have very few personal things on the inter-web. My presence online is all business. The select few people who are my dear friends and family know the difference.

It is a way I can protect the ones I love. I try to keep anything personal from hitting the web. Because I had a moment where someone started attacking an ex girlfriend of mine. Which was horrible for both me and her. Now, I don’t even connect that with people. Most people have no idea if I am in a relationship or not. Only my close friends and family know the truth. Personally, I like it that way. I care about the people in my circle and I am scared to have them be approached by adoring fans.

Point of notice; Stalkers, please give celebrities and individuals the privacy they deserve. Now, celebrities who want this privacy, try and keep your personal things off the internet. This message has been brought to you by Make A Right Left Here…


2 thoughts on “Stalkers

  1. I suppose when you are in the public eye, the public (or some people in that public) believe that they have a right and a need to be close to you. The lines between the private and public are so blurred when it comes to people who are in front of the camera.

    People who aren’t celebrities long to be them and people who are, long for their privacy.

    There certainly is a difference between fans and stalkers. I just wonder if the line is different for different people. The stories you tell about not only you, but your family and friends having to worry about such people are awful. But once in the public eye, you can’t disappear without risking your career. It’s a real conundrum.


    • There is a way to hide your personal life. Many performers do it. There is a difference between a performer and a celebrity. Performers want to be in the spot light even after the lights go down. A celebrity is someone that is sought after because they are hard to find.

      I stepped back from the spot light and it did cost me some fame points. I’ve slowly stepped back into the eye of the public, but this time with guarded walls. I present my brand, which is well groomed in my marketing technique, and I also keep my personal life very personal.

      Even when I am out and about, it’s all about my brand and less about my life. People still connect with me because they are connecting with my brand. I’ve always had three personalities. 1) My true self, 2) my entertaining side, and 3) business. All having three very different voices.

      Stalkers can really take away from your life and thus one needs to be able to separate their sides to protect themselves and the ones they love.


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