Taking control of the uncontrollable

• Taking control of the uncontrollable

When I first began playing an instrument I wanted to learn piano. My brother took over both my piano and my music teacher. This lead me to play the guitar. Again, my brother took over my guitar and my guitar teacher. So I gave up. Silly me, one should never give up. So when I was a little older I took up guitar again. Had two lessons with a teacher and quit lessons after the second session, because he wasn’t teaching me what I wanted to know. I wanted to understand theory. Why certain notes worked with one another. I wanted the power to create. Turns out, I didn’t need a teacher. I needed the will.

I taught myself music, guitar, bass, piano and even drums. I wanted to play, I took away the walls. Now my brother could no longer take away my instruments, or my teachers. I lived away from him. The point is, I took control of my uncontrollable situation. Later on in life my band TENEbRAE was playing shows. We were at the mercy of promoters, bookers, and venues. I took away my walls. I started booking, promoting and yes renting venues for our own shows. It’s all about creating opportunity. We also started playing festivals and touring. Taking control away from local situations and opening up a national style of play!

I also started acting, and doing comedy. Comedy I just placed my music background into it and rented venues, or clubs. Promoted the hell out of it and bam. Acting is a little different but not by much. I worked with a wonderful acting troupe, went into the city for TV, extra work and other auditions. Someone told me my look had to change… you’ll never get work. So I opened a 6200 square foot theater… Need I say more? Take control of your situation. You want something you go out and just get it. You need people for things to happen, but it always starts with you and your will power. Become your creation, invent your opportunities!


8 thoughts on “Taking control of the uncontrollable

    • Thank you for taking time to read and comment. My life was always behind walls no matter how hard I tried. The hardest thing about living a dream is “doing”. And I am glad you enjoy my outlook. I hope to continue seeing your responses, as I will surely return the gesture. Peace in harmony!


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