Let me splain, no, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Let me splain, no, there is too much. Let me sum up.

When I was younger I had a dream I want to accomplish. To own a venue. Before I get to that, I would like to mention the following. I hosted a comedy open mic night on Friday. Oh it was exciting. One of my good friends asked me to handle it for him and I was more than happy to oblige. Reading my adventures you already know I think open mic nights are last on my list (not for beginners – get out there and have fun). Even more so nowadays as the fun of entertaining has dwindled in the presence of other entertainers.

Let me splain. While I was hosting I had little control over who showed up. If I had to count on my hand the amount of comedians that appeared I’d say about twenty came out. Five minutes a spot plus bull-crap, twenty comedians, you do the math. I was hosting that show from 10:00pm (start time 10:41p) till 1am in the morning. Most comedians had been working hard on their material. Maybe they get one night a month to say it on stage. Fine I get that. I support the desire to say things on stage.

Keep in mind, I have no control over the fact that twenty comedians showed up. So being a douche to the host (me) and all other comedians is unacceptable networking. You want to make it in this business, respect the business. Needless to say when you get to comic number ten you are asking for trouble. In short, some douche comedian got called up nineteenth. He gets up to the mic and says some rude things. Fine. Great, you are a comedian. Let’s hear it.

You should never say anything other than here is the next comedian.
I’m the only comedian that has actually performed in a real club.
Let the funniest person here tell his jokes.

Oh wait, after saying all that he had nothing to say. The guy walked off stage after two failed jokes and didn’t even say good by to the person running the event. Which leads me to…

In three weeks my own theater will be opening up. Respect the industry. That’s what I do, am doing and will continue to do. My place is opening on the first of November and I have three major rules: 1) No politics – you want to perform, you rent the time, run the show. 2) Behave – act rude or disrespect the business, audience, performers, or venue, you are gone. 3) No Alcohol – I want people to enjoy coming to see quality shows not come because it’s a place to get drunk. Oh, and no TVs, radios, or pool table happening during performances!


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