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Before success, in a career of your chosen field, specifically entertainment, there are a few stigmas out there keeping the status quo down: The old school mentality that ‘talent & skill’ alone will get you to the promise land & it is widely believed that if you get a Manager / Agent… i.e. discovered, then your career is inevitable. Ultimately that mentality is a cover up to what is really going on. Truth of it all, is despite your hard work in becoming the greatest skilled performer and hoping for that manager/agent… comes down to this…

Your manager doesn’t get you work. They utilize their relationships over the years with casting directors to get you in the door. (NETWORKING) At this point you have two jobs; 1) Be professional, show up on time, and have options for them. 2) Network, Market, and Practice. Build and cultivate the relationships with the short amount of time you get, and show your personality of who you are (BRAND / MARKETING), and use that time to understand the system of auditioning so you can become more comfortable for future auditions (PRACTICING).

Your manager doesn’t expect you to get booked for at least a year. If you do get booked, then great! But they want you to be seen. Because Casting Agents / Directors book people they are familiar with. Since 2015 Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jeremy Renner have been in 3 films. That is not a coincidence. They are not auditioning for projects. They have relationships, brand value, and work hard to maintain those things. They can also perform. Thus utilizing the 3 Needs of Success: Network, Market, and Practice.

The reality is at all times you must be utilizing these aspects of running your business to obtain a long and prosperous career in any given field. I will list below, then do your do-diligence and research successful people.


• 3 Needs of Success: Network (Building and cultivating relationships), Market (Taking a Brand to build awareness to create interest that ultimately generates a buy into it), Practice (Your skill/talent and the other areas of running your life business)

• 3 Needs of Longevity: Management (Time, Money, and People), Entrepreneur (Brainstorming, finding solutions, calculated chances, thinking outside the box), Talent (You must have the ability to play the game in your given field when you get there)

• 3 Needs of Purpose: Security (To protect your calculated chances), Growth (Money to invest), Dream (This is reward money for hard work)

• 8 Assets of life: (Invest into these over time) Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Intellectual Properties, Real Estate, Businesses, I.O.U’s, Commodities

There is a greater understanding of each of these four areas. Of course, the basic concept can be researched and look into how successful people are utilizing each of these four areas.

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