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Episode 3 of the series “365 Days To Success”. In this video, Thomas J. Bellezza goes over building your financial foundation and acquiring start-up capital. And the helpful tip is about utilizing the time while earning your start-up capital by doing your job of networking, marketing, and practicing.

This is the third video in a year-long series which may end up going longer than a year but no matter what, it will be one video each week on a Thursday for a year. That’s 52 videos on the subject matter.

Please like, comment, and share this video along with subscribing for future content. This is an interactive series and I’ll always respond to productive questions about the subject matter in the comment section below. For all those who share this video please tag me @ Thomas J Bellezza and I’ll share your posts in return! As always, don’t work hard, but be productive. Peace in harmony and truth in action!

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