Writing Good Exposition In Your Scripts / Novels


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In this video Thomas J. Bellezza speaks about story “Exposition”. He breaks it down into an easy way to figure out if you are flowing information into character development or if you are plopping it in chucks of boring audience exposition. Follow Thomas as he sites examples of movies that have wonderful presentations of exposition! Peace in harmony…

• Back to the future video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s98AuvsLTfc
• Samples of good exposition : https://thescriptlab.com/features/the-lists/859-ten-great-film-exposition-scenes/

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If you need a little blurb “about me” here you go. But please, read it with an English Accent. Or a really bad Australian accent.

Originally a Musician from Long Island, after ten years with a successful career playing with his band ‘TENEbRAE’, Thomas J. Bellezza moved onto Acting / Stand-Up Comedy / Producing / Raising Capital. Creating ‘BBR Productions Inc’ and ‘oh DEER! Productions’ in 2003 to help consult, market, and produce ideas into reality. From 2005 till now, multiple performance tours were produced, live shows to raise money for both Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer research, and being involved in financing others to do the same. Taking to the web, his hit show ‘Make A Right Left Here TV’ went on for a full year before he opened up a fully polished performance theater in Holbrook, NY. Where shows he produced, wrote, directed, and acted in; ‘Letter of Reasons’, ‘Hamlet’ (Produced and acted), along with ten other independent productions he financed. Organizing budgets for short independent films; ‘The Super Hero Villain’ and ‘All in the course’. Currently Thomas is working with a national tour being set up ‘Top of the Bottom Pile’, and a mass media project with a group of talented individuals ‘Team Rise Together’. Ultimately doing everything to help bring reality to his dreams as inspiration for others to take a chance living out their dreams!

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