Am I To Truly See Hopelessness


Am I To Truly See Hopelessness •

I am slowly losing hope for this world
With but one last tear to offer furled
No longer to sit through another day
To watch people do what they do, neigh
So much wonder inside me as I pray
A deep care for the push of things I see

Of late, shadows are forming around my plea
Cold’s breeze of joy embracing my being
I hope you can understand my dripping agony
Any eyes that read these words rotting curls
It is not I walking sadly in burning weather
But of me deeply disappointed in things I gather

My hand enslaved in having no choice
Whispers I can still hear begging in each verse
To those who know nothing about me
The ones who will never even know I am here

I call out not to be heard but to hear your steps walk on by
The beauty of a select few I have listened to
Having walked within their heads
I see things that help me wipe away the weary dead

How sad has this world become
We have all these words to speak undone
Those few that believe in passing thoughts
Or groups of souls that walk lost along

Do not be afraid of chance; do not worry about the reaction
We are here to listen; we are here to embrace one another
Bring a dash of wonder back to each of us
This world will not rise on two feet
But on dreams and hopes of the people around us all

One flag that cannot be seen
One world that we all can walk among
One hope that is filled with many

Hope, how it could only fade with our heads down

I sit in wait to those who need not speak
For those who speak in endless questions
Those who understand that we all believe in more
My hand maybe frail but my soul is unbreakable
I see it as death in art and life be its design


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Originally a Musician playing with the band TENEbRAE for 10 years. Thomas J. Bellezza added Acting, Stand-Up Comedy, Directing, Writing, Producing, and Raising Capital into his life. Having owned a fully polished performance theater in Holbrook, NY he helped others open their shows including his own productions. He is a consultant for businesses and individuals focusing on the process of building success. His areas of expertise are in networking, marketing, management (time, money, and people), and finding solutions.

BBR Productions Inc : Our mission is to bring reality to your dreams by being an affordable all inclusive production company for every type of venture and those who wish to find success in possibility through Consulting, Marketing, and Developing.

oh DEER! Productions : The hands on company. Where BBR Productions Inc designs, raises capital, and is there through the development of an idea, oh DEER! Productions does the physical work after the conceptional stage has concluded.

Team Rise Together : Our mission is to allow artists an outlet to express their vision in an environment to collaborate with like-minded individuals working in a synergetic growth to success by helping one another in a team effort to say YES to a future in entertainment. A gathering of Actors, Crew, Writers, Producers, and Directors working together to bring media projects to life. We take on interns from colleges and give them real time experience. My we work together, grow together, and rise together!

5 thoughts on “Am I To Truly See Hopelessness

  1. Hi Thomas 🙂
    Take it one day at a time my friend and make the most of it. At least you got to sleep with K. Maybe that’s where I am going wrong. I must take up acting. lol. 😇
    Happy Sunday ! It’s a good day, as it is halfway between Saturday and Monday, eh ? 🙄

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