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Tip of the week : Raise The Bar On Life

Your career is a one stop mix of chance taking and rule breaking. You can work at your career with a casual effort hoping to be discovered in the fray or you can take charge. If you own a company, work for a company, or are an entertainer (which is also a business), you must step up, step forward, and find a willingness to utilize these 5 helpful tips to secure a successful rise into a career with longevity!

Network is about building and cultivating relationships with the people in and around your career of choice. From those running things to the little people on the ground floor. Being present in their eyes allows them to be aware you exists. This also means get out there and spend time with them. If there is an event, fundraiser, maybe even volunteering outings, get out there and listen and respond to the people around you. Your career doesn’t end when the day ends, it just begins. Get dinner with the people you worked with. It is your job to be a part of both your career’s leisure and work time.

Marketing can help because the more they know what you do and how you do it the more powerful your brand value becomes. Market your brand of what you stand for and how you really want to be a part of your career’s growth. Let people see you are doing, working, completing. Marketing is about building awareness to create interest which ultimately generates sales. This includes letting people know you are there, that even though you are hanging out with them after work, you are still more than just another person working in your specific field. You have value.

Getting Involved is saying yes to what is going on around you. A career is built on action not hesitation. The sooner you step up and move forward toward any opportunity which presents itself, the faster you will see your career blossom. And saying yes now and figuring it out later will show your ability to adopt. You want to present how dependable you are with activities and objectives. The bonus is working with people who know what they are doing. To become successful you must be around successful people. Whatever your career path, be involved with those already achieving.

Questions Are Key so admit when you need guidance, or even a bit of help. This shows a level of maturity to those around you. In addition it will show them you are willing to learn their technique to accomplish said tasks ahead. It is completely okay that you might not know everything; you’re new at this part of your career. Learning practical applications is more powerful than any schooling you would pay for. In fact, have a book with you to write down notes, or even your phone. Be aware, prepared, and most of all, always be focused on learning as much as you can.

Step In, Speak! You are allowed to speak up. You should speak up. You should raise your hand when you can and make suggestions. You are a part of your career’s surroundings and those involved. You’re a person thus you have value and therefor your opinions matter. Making suggestions shows you’re thinking critically about your career. It allows others to know you believe in a consistent effort to improve on your career along with those around you at the cost of your own reputation. You have learned many skills and developed tools to get this far, take that into consideration and speak.


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If you need a little blurb “about me” here you go. But please, read it with an English Accent. Or a really bad Australian accent.

Originally a Musician playing with the band TENEbRAE for 10 years. Thomas J. Bellezza added Acting, Stand-Up Comedy, Directing, Writing, Producing, and Raising Capital into his life. Having owned a fully polished performance theater in Holbrook, NY he helped others open their shows including his own productions. He is a consultant for businesses and individuals focusing on the process of building success. His areas of expertise are in networking, marketing, management (time, money, and people), and finding solutions.

BBR Productions Inc : Our mission is to bring reality to your dreams by being an affordable all inclusive production company for every type of venture and those who wish to find success in possibility through Consulting, Marketing, and Developing.

oh DEER! Productions : The hands on company. Where BBR Productions Inc designs, raises capital, and is there through the development of an idea, oh DEER! Productions does the physical work after the conceptional stage has concluded.

Team Rise Together : Our mission is to allow artists an outlet to express their vision in an environment to collaborate with like-minded individuals working in a synergetic growth to success by helping one another in a team effort to say YES to a future in entertainment. A gathering of Actors, Crew, Writers, Producers, and Directors working together to bring media projects to life. We take on interns from colleges and give them real time experience. My we work together, grow together, and rise together!

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