These 5 things keep you from being successful…


Tip of the week : Walls to breakthrough

There are moments success feels an inch out of reach. A majority of the time fault can be placed simply on the person in the mirror. Things from within can and will block people from making an effort. Making a career happen is filled with overwhelming emotions which can turn off that drive to make things happen. Below are 5 examples of things people fall victim to.

That feeling to start over : The temptation to start over can consume you when nothing feels like it is going as planned. Hours of prep work, time and dedication only to feel stuck. Stick with the idea or plan. It’s okay to start other ideas/plans, but keep the original one going too. Life allows us to be capable to allow more than one opportunity to happen in life.

Having a fear of going against what is normal : What is normal? How things are done can change with variables. There are rules to success with many ways to achieve results. Main rules include the 3 Needs of Success; network, market, and practice. Those are rules/ideas. How you accomplish these needs are up to you. Learn different techniques to bring reality to your dreams.

No results for long periods of time : There will be lulls to any venture. Slow times in the year where people are just not buying into what you’re selling. Be vigilant and find solutions to these down times. Work on areas you do have control over to keep momentum going. Maybe slow sales means to get some much needed time on fixing up your brand, or going out to networking events. Be active.

Laziness turned into a Routine : Habits are created within 66 days, new research shows the 21 day theory is now just that, a theory. If you act lazy toward doing specific tasks your mind and body will find it normal. Doing 1 thing a day can lead to 365 things a year. Learn to break laziness with small goals to get a minimum of 1 task done a day, then 2, then 3 a day. Break the old lazy routine.

Dismissal of your ideas : It is going to happen, people who you might or might not look up to will dismiss your ideas. Walt Disney got fired for lacking imagination. Let them say no to you, or tell you that an idea is no good. Stick to your guns. You’re selling a part of you. It came from you and no one can take that away from you. If you have the willingness to march on, do it, and do it with passion.



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Originally a Musician playing with the band TENEbRAE for 10 years. Thomas J. Bellezza added Acting, Stand-Up Comedy, Directing, Writing, Producing, and Raising Capital into his life. Having owned a fully polished performance theater in Holbrook, NY he helped others open their shows including his own productions. He is a consultant for businesses and individuals focusing on the process of building success. His areas of expertise are in networking, marketing, management (time, money, and people), and finding solutions.

BBR Productions Inc : Our mission is to bring reality to your dreams by being an affordable all inclusive production company for every type of venture and those who wish to find success in possibility through Consulting, Marketing, and Developing.

oh DEER! Productions : The hands on company. Where BBR Productions Inc designs, raises capital, and is there through the development of an idea, oh DEER! Productions does the physical work after the conceptional stage has concluded.

Team Rise Together : Our mission is to allow artists an outlet to express their vision in an environment to collaborate with like-minded individuals working in a synergetic growth to success by helping one another in a team effort to say YES to a future in entertainment. A gathering of Actors, Crew, Writers, Producers, and Directors working together to bring media projects to life. We take on interns from colleges and give them real time experience. My we work together, grow together, and rise together!

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