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Tip of the week : What to post on social media

The entertainment business can turn people into celebrities, stars, world known, and that is all great. But, when it comes to social media what, when, and where should we post? Why is that a question in this train of thought? Well when you are starting out and not aware of your current or future brand potential then posting that photo of your little nephew is a lot of fun showing the world his face. Rather, the few friends and family you have on your Facebook page. But as your brand value and celebrity grows you must be aware of what is posted.

What should you post? Stick to the adventure and limit anything personal on social media. The adventure is not just asking people to come to a show, support a product, or asking people to donate. The adventure is starting a concept out and following it to, through, and way after its fruition. Letting an audience watch the process as best can be presented.

When posting keep it to a minimum of at least three times a day. When you eat, you should post. That breakfast, lunch, and dinner mentality is also best utilized for gauging an audience. There are apps which tell when and where people are interacting the most, but the three meals a day plan is a great starting point. Since people, on average, will check their social media when on break.

Where is the best place to post on social media? What fits the brand message overall. Personally I believe every social media page available should be utilized in some form or another. In the beginning you want to start off small so you can control the growth. Take on the main ones; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and also have a blog on WordPress going, and a Youtube channel for vlogs.

To sum up, keep the social media activity on the brand message’s adventure to keep people in on the loop of what is going on. Three times posting is a good start and as more is going on post more but always keep every post anywhere from 30 to 120 minutes apart from each other. And finally, focus on the main social sites and add a new social site every year or so.


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