2017… GO!


2017… GO!

It is officially 2017! Many insane things are going on and have happened from 2016 to now. The mother daughter combo Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, along with a 100 other celebrities, and well over 55 million people died in 2016 year. Lucky for us there are about 131 births a year too. Oh, I almost died in 2016 from kidney cancer, so that was pretty cool… Not. But I lived, or did I? I think I did. Still got them doctors trying to clean up whatever is going on in me.

BUT… Donald John Drumpf will be the American President this year. John is a toilet bowl where we poop. So he is Donald the Duck Toilet Bowl Drumpf!

Okay moving on. I am going to set some goals and allow you lovely people to follow along. To see if A) I accomplish said goals by the years end and B) maybe you can utilize said goals to help yourself accomplish what it is you are searching to do! Write out 2, 3, maybe even 4 goals and follow along in life! Here goes, let’s do this together!

Basic S.M.A.R.T. Goals we can all do for ourselves:

• Grow my networking circle of influence by 25%, including friends and associates. I would like to be more involved with people’s lives and projects and increase those around me with value in life that fits alone with my own personal beliefs and ideologies on how we should all work together. 

• Increase my organized finances into my 3 Needs of Purpose by 20% to help my security protect me more, give me investing capital and of course some leisure this year! Maybe leading to a vacation next year.

• Better my health in any way to make what I am going through physically less painful. Work on me time over others time. Give myself the mornings and sit away from the work desk a little more.

Now goals that are a little more centered around my needs:

• Get the TV project “The Circle” picked up and into pre-production. I would like to accomplish this by the end of my second quarter. Taking this idea to the next step utilizing relationships which have been worked on for the last six months.

• Open up a new office in Manhattan and have all the overhead, line of credit, and equipment in place to be in the door by mid year. To make BBR Productions, Team Rise Together, and oh DEER! Productions come together in a lovely harmonious working environment.

• Finish my “how to” book, and self publish it. I’ve been working on this book and a poetry book for two years now. Time to focus effort onto finishing it.

• Get ready to have the musical acoustic fundraiser show ready for July to celebrate one year not having kidney cancer anymore.

I am going to read back at these goals and compare how far along I am each quarter of the year. Now I have a larger scale S.M.A.R.T. Goal list implanted into my business plan. Since all life is a business if you align your perspective to be aware of that. I look at my goals each quarter and arrange or change them as needed. Now, let us think of these less like resolutions and more like a plan!

Do you have what it takes to Make A Right Left Here… Do you!?

If you need a little blurb “about me” here you go. But please, read it with an English Accent. Or a really bad Australian accent.

Originally a Musician from Long Island playing with TENEbRAE for 10 years. Thomas J. Bellezza moved onto Acting / Stand-Up Comedy / Producing, and Raising Capital. By utilizing his two companies, BBR Productions Inc and oh DEER! Productions, he helps consult, market, and produce ideas, entertainers, and businesses into reality. From 2005 till now, multiple performance tours were produced, live shows to raise money for both Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer research. Having owned a fully polished performance theater in Holbrook, NY he helped others open their shows including his own productions. One of the founding members of a group of talented individuals known as Team Rise Together, my we work together, grow together, and rise together!


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