5 Secrets An Agent Won’t Tell You About Auditions

Tip of the week : Getting an audition without an Agent

Actors rely on auditioning to help grow their career. How can an actor get more auditions to increase their chances of booking work without an agent? An agent does help send an actor out for auditions from time to time. Fear not, there are ways to procure auditions without the assistance of an agent.

Below are a few helpful tips to get auditions on your own.

Build opportunities : Get together with friends to create self made work. A small team could make Short Films, Web Series, even Sketches and get it on film. Nowadays you can film a high quality project on a cell phone. Building relationship with people for better equipment and locations.

Reach out to Local Filmmakers : Leapfrogging off the above idea, get a bit more aggressive and contact local student filmmakers or student theater directors. Students are always searching for actors to help them get a good grade and even to see their film win local awards.

People responsible for it all : Take a little time and research people you would be delighted to work with. Get their information on a site like IMDb Pro. Once their address is obtained send them a personalized letter / post card or even a sincere email. This is what an agent does for you. Go direct!

Be selflessly generous : Even if you have no work coming in for you and something comes up, recommend talented colleagues and friends for the work. Extending a hand will lead to generosity in return. More importantly, that generosity will spread through the field into the ears of people of note.

3 Quick notes : Contact your local film office to see what is filming or in development. Get a heads up on the business end! Utilize your social media and scan what is going on and what others are doing. First and foremost look inward at your own contacts. Build and cultivate those relationships.

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Originally a Musician from Long Island playing with ‘TENEbRAE’ for 10 years. Thomas J. Bellezza moved onto Acting / Stand-Up Comedy / Producing / Raising Capital. Creating ‘BBR Productions Inc’ and ‘oh DEER! Productions’ in 2003 to help consult, market, and produce ideas into reality. From 2005 till now, multiple performance tours were produced, live shows to raise money for both Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer research. Having owned fully polished performance theater in Holbrook, NY he helped others open their shows including his own productions. Currently he is associated with a mass media project with a group of talented individuals known as ‘Team Rise Together’.


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