Music, brings us together

• Music, brings us together

Been in a music kick since getting back to things in life. Cancer really kicked my butt. A part of the healing process for me is having a creative outlet to drive my motivation into overdrive. Music comes easy to me. Even if others think it’s not top quality, the process of writing and playing is within me. It soothes and calms my soul. Since getting my operation my goal is to keep writing and cleaning up music to play it live, even if for one last time. We will be helping to raise money and awareness toward fighting cancer and giving to a foundation to help others as I was helped.

I am deeply grateful for all the people in my life helping me accomplish things while I get my sea legs back in action. Getting my production company going, writing a TV show and pitching it with six studios interested, and even a bunch of musicians I appreciate coming along and learning music for this show. Friendship is more than a conversation to me it is a connection of possibilities in life. Moving and speaking without words to find a greater good in life. I have some of the best friends in the world. And without them, their love, and support, I would not be sitting here today.

The goal is to have one hour and thirty minutes ready for July. Sixteen songs compiled of old songs from my TENEbRAE days being cleaned up, songs written specifically for my Altayon project and of course I am trying very hard to have one new song completed by then. Everything is coming along as I have nine of the sixteen songs transcribed and sent to my buddies to learn. There is nothing more beautiful than coming together for both a cause and joy of playing together. This is going to be one amazing year 2017 and I am already excited to be alive again since July 18th, 2016. Be alive!

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