Tip of the week : 3 Dangers of relying on a safety net


3 Dangers of relying on a safety net

Taking a chance is a risk filled with endless anxieties or riveting sensations of adrenaline coursing through a person’s veins. Jumping out of a plane into a hopeful career of choice is deathly scarier. There are people who want that one big break to get around taking a chance. They want to hold on to a safety net before leaping to a great possible fall.

People becoming extremely successful in any given career is at a rate of about 5%. I personally don’t believe this. I believe that you can make success happen if you are actively proactive in making your company grow! With a little effort each day, a plan, and turning your inactive hours into active hours toward your ultimate goal, it is with that your chance taking will become calculated!

Here are 3 Dangers of Relying of a safety net.

1) Relying on a safety net will make it so you never truly leave the plane. How can you jump wholeheartedly while holding on to what could be: like waiting for that one in a million chance opportunity to come through. Fearing the failure of chance taking is a part of learning. Our muscles grow by tearing them and working harder at it. Fear lifting too much weight and you will get nowhere.

2) Not having a plan. A plan is the bases of getting ahead of the game. It doesn’t have to be a fully complete plan. Just one that has your brain thinking and covers these following areas; How you will Network to build your relationship and inner circle. What Marketing strategy will you put into place for your Brand. Set up a list of SMART Goals, Long Goals, and map out your schedule. AND, budget.

3) Waiting for other people to help, accomplish, assist, or in general be involved to get their tasks completed. Holding onto the efforts of others and waiting for them to come through is a frail way of trying to not take blame. When others don’t complete given tasks it is still up to you to come through. If you want to be successful, you have to be responsible for the outcome, not others.

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