Things I’ve learned while learning

• Things I’ve learned while learning

If I am to be tired of anything it is what I am learning while I am learning. A sad feeling comes over me as I embrace my powers of observational exercises. People can be unaware, unsure, and unkind if you let them. There are good people out there too. I’ve seen it from time to time. What I never understood is the meanness and hate. But that is not why I am writing this today. I want to explore what I learn from it.

What I do in life starts and ends with actions that make me happy. I want to see a better world so I do better, or as best I can. I want people to help one another so I help and I inspire others to help. Peace is a hope I live with everyday. To see a land without borders. Each day I awake I try and peer into the hole of opportunity. Seeing if I can fill it up with even a grain of sand echoing into change. If my action can change a tear of water, or move a mountain over tens of thousands of years than it is worth it.

I want to know that life is worth it. Fighting Cancer is no joke. It is a life changer, but I am more than welcoming of being cured for good. There is a lot to experience in this life. Yes I feel grander when I am touching it and moving it. Some times the best part of life isn’t getting that awesome car, but speaking with a person for days about stimulating possibilities! Happiness comes in many shapes… for me it develops while I learn when learning!

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