3 things to help your career in Entertainment

Tip of the week : 3 things to help your career in Entertainment

Been in the game too long with nothing really going on? Feel a mostly stagnant, or horizontal movement, to every effort? Things need to change up in life to make a difference. A career is considered nowhere if in 5+ years nothing is happening. Truth is, something is being done incorrectly or not at all. Talent is one part of many sides to success, longevity, and ultimately a person’s purpose in life. These 3 things will help any career find a footing to step up their game.

1) Know the business you are in. An actor should know more than how to act. Acting is what they do, it is not their job. A job always entails specific ins and outs of getting, maintaining, and growing at any given career. Learn how the business works. A great starting point is to break up needed tasks for a specific career. Below is an example list to get the brain thinking.

Look at life and a career as a Triangle. There are three main sides, then the front and back.
3 Needs of Success : Network, Market, Practice.
3 Needs of Longevity : Management (Time, Money, and People), Entrepreneur Brain, Talent.
3 Needs of Purpose : Security, Growth, and Dream.
Front : 8 Assets to invest in.
Back : Treat your life like a business (Go incorporate yourself).

2) Change the brain, change the game. Regroup focus from thinking ‘talent = work’, or ‘work = work’. Could it, yes? But the idea of a career and building longevity comes from being proactive. Focus effort in an entertainment career the same way a business owner does for their donut shop. Making donuts is what they do (Acting equivalent), but they budget, manage their company, and find solutions.

3) Work together, grow together, and rise together. Whatever game this is the more team players a person has the better chance they can win a game. The amount is important, as is the value. Look around your team and see where they are. If they are doing what you are doing, then change your circle. Or at least expand out into other circles too. Who you hang around benefits who you are.

If you are the smartest and most successful person in the room then you are in the wrong room.

Do you have what it takes to Make A Right Left Here… Do you!?

5 thoughts on “3 things to help your career in Entertainment

    • Entrepreneur Brain is a sense of a few things. Here’s a grouping of ideas to get the brain going…

      • You’re responsible for all decisions; think outside the box and find solutions.

      • You need to make SMART Goals and Dream Goals and stick to them.

      • Get uncomfortable. This is where you should feel comfortable; the world of business is outside what an employee brain is use to

      • Always searching and learning

      • Get familiar with the numbers. Every number from overhead to time use is important. An employee brain would be interested in their paycheck not how the check came to them

      • Love your business, what you do, and your Brand… BUT, be objective.

      • You work 24/7 now. Your day off is when you sleep until your company is surviving without your extended hand.

      Hope that helped!

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