• Poetry

Where does poetry come from? Is it an art form? Poetry of life is an answer to a questions I have been seeking since I could remember. How things flow, why they flow, who moves us the most? It comes from our passion when we least expect. Sitting before a blank page until words dance out into an every laying grave. That seemed a tad morose, so I digress, open your thoughts to moving effort.

I look at poetry as action. If on paper or through movement. We create poetry when we interact fluently with others. Helping people find ways to connect to their dreams, or even when a person simply is motivated by a little smile. We can paint the world together if we choose to move rhythmically upon it. Let music flow silently inside you through your desires, pounding in your heart.

Become a deafening advance on the world around you. When the world stops moving, and humans no longer exist, let our history be known in the memory of our spirits. Remain in life because your purpose was recognized. Add to the people of Earth, and touch the energy of chance. I am happy to become the poetry I seek in life and I wish for you to find yours.

Cave upon me your willingness
And I shall lift your worries away
Touch what I cannot see today
Inspiring my dreams of sun rays

Lifting emptiness in full reach
Our arms stronger if we preach
No war can come from friends
Life will praise peace hand in stand

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