Tip of the week : Marketing (Maintaining a Brand Message)


Marketing : Maintaining a Brand Message

A brand message is a gathering of three things; Voice, Image, and the Conversation of your audience. Maintaining this message is a process based on utilizing your list of a Voice and Image vs the Conversation of an audience. Write out a list of ideas that are believed to be things a Brand stands for. This list will be a guideline to watching what the audience is waiting to hear/see, and interact with. This list can change over the years, and is only a guideline. Over time a Brand will find its footing.

To maintain a brand message check the list and listen to an audience. Their reaction is vital to how any Brand should proceed. Another advantageous method is look at the with non bias eyes. This is a helpful way of seeing if the message is both clear and consistent. If things seem outside the original brand message it is time to start changing things up. The value of a Brand message affects the way an audience will perceive their emotional attachment to future brand ventures.

A consistently clear cut message to an audience will ensure longevity and growth. To add value to the rule of 10% keep the message going in a specific direction. This method will help the return be greater in the long run. Changing the message, or the familiarity of said message, to an audience can confuse or distort their perception and actually turn them away. Also, introducing a new message weakens the efforts of the rule of 10%.

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2 thoughts on “Tip of the week : Marketing (Maintaining a Brand Message)

  1. There is much value in expanding upon this, please. This is just enough to pique my interest and create questions in my mind regard the strength in branding. Solid brand is still fluid, or it simply comes more into knowing it’s true voice in earnest? Thank you, always, for the focus!

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    • A solid brand comes from two things: Listing out what is important to your overall message (voice) and style (image), and years of working your brand to fit into your public beliefs which would add a benefit of connection between you and your audience.

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