TIP OF THE WEEK – Networking : The Follow Up

Networking : The Follow Up
More essential than a first meeting is the follow up. A follow up is simply reaching out to a person(s) met recently to acknowledge it even happen. Commonly seen are ‘Thank you for meeting me’, ‘Great meeting you the other night’, and of course ‘Met you last night, let’s get lunch!’. It is a nice way of reminding a person how much fun that initial meeting went. Even when the meeting was at a networking event, or a friend introducing a friend. What is a Follow up really? Why is it important and when and how does a person handle a proper follow up?
Traditionally a good follow up should be limited to no later than three days after meeting a person. Two days is safe, and one day is a perfectly timed follow up. Keeping it short and to the point is helpful too while adding an ‘Emotional Moment’ inside the follow up. Maybe a joke was said, or a nice story about XYZ happened, and adding a reminder of this helps recall the feelings everyone had within the conversation in the first place. And finally, but not last, keep from asking for things within a follow up unless prompt too. Such as the other person suggesting lunch at the first interaction.
After a follow up, maintaining that relationship begins with keeping in touch with them. Focus on a routine and naturally flowed schedule of keeping these people in the rotation of life. A follow up, and future contact, with a person can be done through any means of communication: Emails, Phone Call, Text, Social Media Message, etc. I like an email for my follow up, and slowly move up to a phone call over time. My personal favorite is sending out inspirational text messages randomly to my friends, family, and associates to let them know I am thinking of them.
A network of people will be there at the beginning and the end of a person’s journey with communication!
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