COMIC CON 2016!!!

COMIC CON 2016!!!

Four days of amazing adventure. Did I explore a little, Yes, but I mostly stayed put at The Grey Woods booth. Which is fine. 180K+ showed up and a majority of those people walked by and I said hi. Comic Con is different for each person attending. For most it is a fun place to show off their costume they’ve been working on for months. For others it is a place to be seen, to show their creations off to people: Books, drawings, etc. Unless your Marvel then it’s all about LOOK AT WHAT WE HAVE COMING! And that’s a good fun thing.

What is Comic Con to me? A place to Network, Market, and Practice my skill in growing my career in life. To be at the mercy of hundreds of thousands of people and just say ‘Hey, take my photo’ is not what I am about. This event was much more than that to me. I always try to build relationships with people, and most importantly let people know who I am and what I do. This is where the practice comes in. I filmed a little for my Make A Right Left Here TV, messed with a few people to add to the fun of it all. I swapped cards with business owners and people alike! It was fun. Also got interviewed!

Now after all that, what is the point of Comic Con!? For me, it was about follow ups. I reached out to people and emailed them, where I could I added them on social media, and I showed interest in what they have to offer because I actually care too. I had to organize all the photos and videos and set up a release of each so I can get the most out of it instead of just sharing everything in one big shot. Marketing is about slow and steady to get the most out of it. Anyone can do it, they need only have a schedule filled with patience.

Oh, and I enjoyed the experience of Comic Con for the first time! Great fun!

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