What three things help a person to succeed?

• 3 Things to bring your mind into the Now!

Best part about life is the journey. Experiencing all woes and joys in an undecided fate is a wonderful feeling. Fearfully so, I might add and yet, I still believe that my mind can handle it. What is next, what will happen? With plans filled in endless dreams about doing what I love, anything is possible when it comes to stopping or helping my efforts forward. In the beginning, or end, I am the great decider of what I will do next.

A time for proactive movement is at an constant NOW! Hurt, sick, penniless, without opportunity!? Forget that crap. Fear is in the mind. People with no arms and legs make careers doing what they love. People without opportunity create chance. People who have loss everything find success again. There is a huge difference between a failed individual and successful person. That separation is a person willing to take responsibility of their current situation and changing it.

Allow me to suggest three things to bring your mind into the NOW!

ONE : Do what you enjoy. If you are doing your passion it will help you wake up in the morning. It will remind you that you are not working a dead-end job but making a difference in bringing your dream to life. Breathe in what you love and turn it into your purpose. You can make a living doing what you love.

DOS : Manage your money wisely. Know what your monthly overhead is. How much it cost you and your life business to survive. Save over your expense by organizing your money. Have four business bank accounts (Primary Checking, Security Savings, Growth Savings, Dream Savings). Spend less than you save. Set a budget to live and die by. Take control of your money.

DREI : An unstoppable Team around you. This game of success is not about friends. It is about the right friends, right family, and the right people surrounding you. Make sure the value of your life is filled with the value of those around you. Positivity builds productivity. It’s nice to work with your friends but if they are keeping you down then it is time to find someone else. Life is once.

Believe in you and those around you and then become the change you want to see in this world. Be becoming successful doing what you love it will add to the world around and promote positivity and hope! Peace in harmony!

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