One Path of many choices

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• “One Path of many choices”

At this point in my entertainment career comedy is a good chunk of it. Been in entertainment for twenty plus years and about half that is in comedy. The art of stand up comedy is a difficult cut throat world as any field of entertainment is. The difference, you are alone. Actors, even douche actors, are still working with other actors in any given project. Musicians have their band mates, but a comedian goes up and wins or loses on their own. Though, it doesn’t have to be that way. In comedy, I work with “Top of the Bottom Pile” a team of like minded comedians. We work to change the game, because the game needs a changin!

‘What it takes’ vs ‘what is presented’ is a compelling thought. Last night I had a chance to audition for a ‘passing spot’ (Turned into a regular comedian) and I was not passed, but I was not said no to. I was give in a chance to make a few changes to a set which was considered offensive. A set of jokes I have done for a while in featured and headlining spots, which always got laughs. In fact, the night of my audition I was getting good strong laughs through my set. But it comes down to something bigger than my ‘Talent’ or how good ‘I’ think I am. Entertainment is controlled by ‘Gatekeepers’ and there is no Zuul. Good thing I am the ‘Key Master’!

I say this for one reason. We control our own path. When one person says no, you must find more power and strength to create your own YES. Who controls the gatekeepers? There is always someone higher on the food chain. Why not let it be you? That’s why I work so hard to gain power. I, when opportunity allows it, love to open doors for people. Because I know what it feels like to be told ‘no’. It is a sucky, crappy, feeling. There is no reason you should be told no. What is great to one person might be crap to another. George Lucas was told Star Wars was stupid, even by the cast and crew filming it. Follow your drum beat and become your own path.

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