Casting a cast

11 11 15 Casting a cast• Casting a cast

It begins, the next level in the world of possibilities! Things are aligning to a point of unstoppable momentum. Every year things must continue to grow. If by steps, leaps, or extremely large bounds. This passing week me and a team of people I work with held an audition for a web series. Thirty plus people are sending their interest to act, and in addition there were even more after the fact. So now we are handling Self Tapes. Self Tape is when you film your audition and send it in. These are steps, not to filming, but to a means to an ends. Every step leads to a stronger stance to help others. To help a cause, to give an open door to chance.

Everyone deserves a chance in life. Becoming more involved with producing projects gives our team opportunity to excel at the triangle of life. Networking with different actors, crew members, investors, and only to name a few. This will also help us with Marketing our Brands, and who we are as people. What our personal motivation can lead to. Our perseverance and hard work. There is nothing more exciting than coming up with an idea, figuring out how to make that idea come to life, then getting a team together to bring that idea to life. One step at a time. That’s how it has always been for me. Each year, every idea!

At the end of the day, I did nothing on my own. A person couldn’t it. The hands of many bring life to ideas. The supporters of the cause pushing and rutting for you to win. They are your energy of encouragement. Everyone helping in bringing life to this idea. Working within their strengths to find the money, build, write, draw, cast, act, crew, etc, etc!!! One person is useless. My proud sense of accomplishment comes from believing in those to my left and to my right. We are equal. Some work harder than others, some have more skills, even so, others might not even know what they are doing, and that is okay… because doing anything is still something!

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4 thoughts on “Casting a cast

  1. Hi Thomas 😀
    Whoa ! I could never go on an audition, because after strutting my stuff hear remarks such as, “Have you tried rocket science” or “Don’t give up your unemployed day job”. 😀
    Recruit the carpenter (Harrison Ford) or my favourite gal, Katrina 😀
    Take care my friend. Ralph 😀

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