Yes, no, I understand…

10 11 15 yes no i understand• “Yes, no, I understand…”

One of my pet peeves is yessing me to death to get me through my thought. More important is my time when I am out and about doing my rounds. We are all very important people because we are people. People have value, therefore they are important. That doesn’t mean they are annoyingly unaware of their time. Most are. Every second is worth a thousand lifetimes to a person on their deathbed, and here we are, some, if not most, eating up our time doing things we don’t love, or understand.

Recently read a really nice passage. “Most people know what they do, some know how they do it, but very few understand why.” Come on, that is beautiful. So I got to thinking, what do I do? I am an entertainer first and a consultant second. How do I do it? I keep busy networking, marketing, and practicing my craft while maintaining my Triangle of life. Why do it I do it? Because I enjoy creating from nothing and to work my butt off until I have so much power I can help others get to the top!

What does this all mean? It means I am very passionate about speaking my mind when it comes to helping / guiding people. When I hear a person going down the road taken most it worries me. They are giving up their precious minutes based on rules and ideas they don’t understand. Hopefulness is scary to me. I want to see everyone with a dream succeed. I wish I had a person who knew what I know in the beginning to tell me. Wait, I did! I had mentors and they all got me to where I am today!

Live your minutes away, don’t waste them in naivety.

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