Radio, TV for my Grandpa

09 13 15 Radio TV for my Grandpa• “Radio, TV for my Grandpa”

Got a radio show. Okay, thanks for reading. Check back for more news and a lot of stuff is happening!

I hate blogs like that. Where’s the panache? I mean, give the audience something to read about. So, I like to bring up the subject matter in my first paragraph. When the audience is able to jump right into my subject then boom! Radio! I got a radio, internet. It was nice getting this opportunity! Radio is a great way to be heard, but more important it is a nice place to let others be heard. All steps must lead to the upstairs. Well, you could go downstairs but I mean, I have leaks down there. See, now I can move onto some other things, like how I feel about, or my thoughts on the idea.

If there is one thing I enjoy, it is being able to talk about anything, but with direction, to people willing to learn, listen, enjoy. More importantly; Be entertained, Educated, and have a sense of Edification while on the journey of Thomas Talk. Also, this world is much better when people get to help others have a voice. While I will be on each week, guests and other people are going to have my door open for them. A voice must be heard, but about what? I want people to laugh, while learning about the business of life / entertainment / other crap. More so I want the journey of successful people to be understood.

Hmm, this is where I normally express what I learned from the experience. I’ll go on about how it added or took away from my life, and how I will grow from it. This will be my forth internet radio show, and about my thousandth time on radio airwaves. So, the experience is fairly familiar. This time around I look to have a lot more fun doing it, and I’ll be ready for anything. I really hope I can bring a sense of change to the community when speaking. That is important to me. I want to change the game. I want to let people know there are other ways around making things happen. We, as people, must become the light of inspiration!

Also, the studio is in Dumbo, Brooklyn. I mean, come on! Dumbo.

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