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09 05 15 Produce Results
• “Produce Results”

There are people waiting around hoping for something to happen. How much would really come from it? I would rather bet my calculated chances on a risk than wait around hoping to be discovered. Life is too short to wait it out. I am a go getter. I have been asked what got me where I am, how did I make so much from so little. Hard work? Nah, hard work is too much work for me. Why push yourself beyond your limits!? I hear this turn a lot; hard work got them to the top. Hard work made them the best! I don’t believe in hard work. Hard work is the stock boy packing out seven boats a night only to be told he could do more or better.

I work productively. Consistent, with direction, towards completing my S.M.A.R.T. Goals. It is that simple. Okay, not so simple that I do and I succeed. Wait, yes it is. I write down what needs to be completed, and I do that thing. It’s not about hard work, it is about consistently being productive. Work Smarter, not harder. I have faith in my method. And so do my clients, that’s why I teach them what I do. Everything I have worked productively towards is consistently causing doors to open in all my fields. “Everything you do must affect everything.” I live strongly to this coded ideal, this way of life. I am always working to rise.

When I meet people who work harder, or try and raise the stakes, raise the game, I think “Why not just change the game which works best for you?”. We all learn differently. We all have strengths and weakness in life. As we learn how the game works we adapted and improvise to succeed. My whole life was filled with failures in the minds of others. To me, I have never failed. They were opportunities to succeed and grow in life. I have acting, comedy, writing, consulting, producing, and even more on the horizon, that make all my dreams a reality! There is a method to my madness and it will continue to Produce Results.

Become your action, become the living action to your dreams!

Make A Right Left Here (My official page website)
BBR Productions Inc. (Direct company link)
Top Of The Bottom Pile (Comedy Tour I Am On)

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