08 23 15 Soreish• “Sore-ish”

Why did I write such a hard fighting sequence? Five plus hours we filmed on Saturday of dialogue, then three major fight scenes. Afterward we had some yummy food. All together I have to say this shoot continues to be interestingly fun. My first big filming event as a writer / director / actor / producer was ‘The Super Hero Villain’, which gave me a chance to learn the process. Dem be a lot of hats to wear! It was really worth it. My passion to create art has always been there, but as a performer I get to live in the moment of another life. All in all, it comes down to seeing an idea birthed into existence. This is a lovely path I am on.

The First fight scene was pretty simple. Two guys run in and attack a third guy. Some cool things happen and boom! On to the second fight, which ends violently; “Snap, Crackle, Pop!” and not the cereal! It was the third fight I was in. I still have some moves left in me, but my body forgot how to be in shape. Talk about tired and sore-ish from filming all day. It is more than punch, punch, kick. Lots of spinning, tumbling, and more. There is a moment when I was getting heel kicked in the balls, by accident; “maybe I should have stunt-doubles”. I will say this, it was all the more worth it doing the stunts myself. A couple contacted hits, but we did great!

Plan ahead is important. Like, go to the gym, stretch, don’t write long ass fight scenes which make you feel pain for the next few days. Yeah, that rule is the best rule. Nah, I am still going to write and perform as it is needed. I loved the fencing fight in Hamlet. There is something about the idea of fighting, or battle, on screen when it is telling a story. When it is a part of something more. Like a speech without words. Chouen, that’s the actor fighting me, did amazing. We both worked hard practicing the moves and even consistently changing moments to fit out fighting styles much better. It was a pleasure having us get beat up together.

Fight on, train, become! Persevere!

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