Thomas J Bellezza Managing• “Managing”

It is fun managing your time, money, and the people around you. Oh, and I also got signed to a management company for acting. That feeling to be doing things which progress my career in entertainment. Working hard to be “the best in the field” is one thing I have never really pushed to do. Well, except when I was a child in music and didn’t know the value of business. Since becoming fluent in business, my companies and career has consistently been growing. From my consulting company, to ‘oh DEER! Productions’ and even the fun of being an Actor / Comedian / Musician / Writer… oh, you get it, I am a Resilient Entertainer with wits!

I get to do these things because I have organized my life in a way to create a structured business world. I have given myself freedoms to pursue any aspect of life I want. It is easy if you have the tools, and of course, to be willing to DO. Attempting is where I see most people fail. Managing time to try things, managing finances to secure, grow and have play money, and even managing the people in my life. Relationships with people, etc. This is a tough business; this thing called life. But if you want it badly enough, go for it. I see people all the time killing themselves for a job they hate. If only they put that same effort into the life they love.

That mentality is what lead me to getting a manager in less than 12 months. Of course I had to Network, Market, and Practice to get there too. But getting representation is more than career changing, it has to have value and points. Why would anyone sign a person who says things like “Well, if I have X then I can do Y”. This perspective is a hopeful one. Be sure and aware of what is needed. This is important to success. Do not just jump out of a plane, have a plan. I was able to sell my Brand of who, what, where, why, and how I have accomplished so much on my own. People want to work with successful businesses they can sell.

Learn, change, and do! You can!

Make A Right Left Here (My official page website)
BBR Productions Inc. (Direct company link)
Top Of The Bottom Pile (Comedy Tour I Am On)

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