The Guarantee

Thomas J Bellezza The Guarantee• “The Guarantee”

When you die there is only one Guaranteed; That you will be the only one on your death bed. Everyone else is a possibility, since they are not you. This means, always give 100% of your time to you with an open door to being nice to everyone you meet. When you are going down in an airplane they tell you to mask yourself first with the oxygen before helping those around you. This is a great rule, because the better you are off the more you can help another person. That’s the idea of life. Connecting with others, but always bringing the best of you to the table that you can be.

These reasons make any guarantee simple. It appears everyone is out for themselves and are willing to help when it benefits themselves. Such a queer perspective toward life. Are people really out for themselves? I kind of hope so. I want them to be, personally. Because when it comes down to it, I want to work with people who know what they want and know who they are. I don’t want them to be selfish when doing so. When a person is unsure it can cause a lot of issues. Working hard toward something for a year and boom they vanish. This happened to me a few times. And I know it is my job to learn from my experiences.

So I have. I know what I want in my life. I also know what I want from the people in my life. I want people that A) Know what they want for themselves, B) Are goodhearted and selfless, C) Willing to take chances in life so they can live the fullest life they are given, and last but not least D) Be truest to yourself. These ideals make life much more powerful. If one guarantee in life is that we will be on our death bed alone, then what is to say we can’t control another guarantee in life? The guarantee to be the person we want, around those we want, living the life we want.

Work, sacrifice, and risk everything with calculated SMART Goals so you don’t become the walking dead before you die. LIVE!

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