Filming begins

Thomas J Bellezza Filming Begins
• “Filming begins”

On Saturday, July 25th in the year 2015, filming began for ‘All in the Course’. This will mark my second full production. I am working with many hats on this time. Writer, Director, Actor, Editor, Location Scout, and Producer. The first time I did this was on ‘A Super Hero Villain’. I really enjoyed filming that movie as it was the first of many projects in the works for Team Rise Together. A gathering of people who are writers / directors / actors all wanting to make things happen. There is something very special about ‘All in the Course’ which makes it all the more interesting. I did it on a $0.00 budget.

When I hear people making excuses to hold themselves back it simply blows my mind. Because they all could be doing what I am doing. Correction, what me and a bunch of other people are doing. Anything is possible if you put the effort into it. An idea become physical. I wrote a script, found a crew, and I got actors. The best part, is the team mentality. We are all working hard and for a greater goal. We are becoming better friends, for those of us less familiar with one another, creating art, and also I am helping everyone involved who is not SAG-AFTRA union already, get their Eligibility. We are in this together to win this together.

The idea is to be proactive. We all want to be working on something. So why not get together and work on something. Now filming is only the reward. The hard work and effort toward Networking, Marketing and Practicing is the job we all want. I love what I am doing, and I love working with the people around me. Two movies, $0.00, hard working people, and a bright future ahead of us all makes every second of this life worth it. That feeling you can scream out into the night sky of “Look what we are doing on our own” speaks volumes in this business. In a place where you have to prove yourself on the business end to get things going!

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2 thoughts on “Filming begins

  1. Hi Thomas 😀
    What fun ! And to make a movie on zero budget must take some doing. So did you close the streets, throw a few buckets of water for the tsunami scene and blow up New York ? Ralph 😀

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    • more like cups of water thrown close to the camera for the tsunami 🙂 Other than that, I know a lot of really great people, talented people, willing to work on the project. When you are kind to others, kindness comes in droves!


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