What did you do this week

Thomas J Bellezza Make A Right Left Here• “What did you do this week”

24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and 365 days in a year. If you are lucky you’ll get about 80 years, 60 of which are great if you take care of yourself. How old are you now? 30? Well that’s half your life gone before your body says “slow it down”. What if you can live a full 80 years? Than are you 40 yet? Your age is a countdown to an end in a way that should motivate you. How many days and hours do you give to a life you are not happy with? Do you love your job, people around you, relationships? When you wake up, are you excited to get your day started? If you are not happy, start working toward the life you want. You deserve it.

Life is fleeting, but exhilarating if you let it be. Each day I do one thing at minimum to forward my life into maintaining a directing I want. I live the life I want. My earnings come from entertainment. What if I wanted to be a teacher? Well then I would do whatever it is I had to so I could be that teacher. In these passing seven days I went into the city three times. Went comedy club hopping, worked on fighting choreography, had meetings with entertainment lawyers, met up with people, did 6 client hour long meetings, wrote two blogs, edited video, worked on my book, went to the gym all week, and memorized lines to a movie.

I work hard, but this is the life I want so I must work hard. I don’t get to go into a job I hate and do it with the minimal required effort to keep that job. This is my career. I have to push hard each day so that I am growing. That my career is going from here to there, and there is upward. It is my job to wake myself up. It is my job to live the life I want by making sure I completed my daily tasks. If it ever comes to a point which I don’t want this life anymore, I will have freedom and strength to change it. That is just it though, the changing it up. It is okay, no matter what age you are, to change it up. Find your happiness, but DO IT. Go out there and live.

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