Busy Bee

Thomas J Bellezza• “Busy Bee”

They call me the “YES” man. Just keep swimming! This is a motto I learned from a fish. Always stay in motion, like a shark does to keep on breathing. For me, working in entertainment is a constant fight forward finding/creating the next job. Growing up in entertainment “NO” was a normal answer. To get that mysterious “YES” a change in my life had to be made. No longer was I waiting for others to “Help” me to succeed. I ran from the idea of relying on a Record Label, Agent, Manager, etc to give me a chance to prove myself. It was my job to prove myself and no one else.

In life, it is about proving your worth on your own. Rise to the top until you cannot go any further. The secret is to run your life like a business. You want to be in movies, start filming movies. You want to be in a band; start up a band. I have received a great many “no’s” in my life that when I made it happen on my own it was to rave reviews or praise. Example: I was told I couldn’t write, so I wrote a play and it was on the news. I was told I couldn’t be Hamlet, so I produced the show and I was Hamlet, later being told by a stranger I was better than Kenneth Branagh. (I don’t think that’s true)

The point is, make your life happen by going out there and opening the doors you create. Who cares what people say to you. They are only telling you what they know from their perspective. When a person tells you “no” it means to try harder at getting a “yes”. Either from them or from yourself. If you feel you can do it, then do it. If you think you are better than that person on stage then get on stage, film a movie, do stand-up, open a business! The idea is stop waiting for approval. The only person that needs to say “YES” to you, is you. This is way I rarely sleep, I am always setting up the next step and thus a very busy bee!

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Top Of The Bottom Pile (Comedy Tour I Am On)

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