Thomas J Bellezza• “SNL”

There lies the issue with starting a sentence. Said the man waiting for his cue. Saturday night live is a show that has been around for 40 years. That is a long time for any show to be on. It had its ups and downs, moments of creating superstars and also seeing people vanish into obscurity. History from this NBC sketch comedy show performed live at 11:35pm every Saturday is continuously within America’s culture. Our lives have those eras. Eddie Murphy bringing life back to it. Chris Farley and the many members of the 90’s making SNL something to talk about again. Where are we in that world? Who knows. What I know is… I got to see.

I did an overnight on SNL, shooting a pretaping. A pretape is something filmed outside of the live show. The fake commercials, or video shorts played throughout the program. The privilege to be among the show, even if only an “extra”, was beautiful. First, I had a moment to work with Louis CK, if only from a distances. I was in a pretaping with him. There was a such a pleasure to see him and the crew work so hard to do this 2 minutes taping. I ended up being hidden behind a guy’s big head. But, that’s not the point. Being involved, seeing the process, and working on this show was more important than “being seen”.

Joining SAG-AFTRA has been one of the most important choices of my life for entertainment. First, it protects my music career. Who knew!? As I am no longer a part of ASCAP. (Musicians; join ASCAP right now). But knowing it could protect me is nice. If I were not a member of SAG-AFTRA I would have never been able to work on SNL. I would never had the chance to be protected working other projects. This year is coming along nicely. Everything I have accomplished is all because of my planning, resilience, and understanding the process in which this business works. Anything is possible. Rely on your understanding, not your talent!

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13 thoughts on “SNL

  1. how cool that you were involved with a pretaping. and you are right – SNL has had so many ups and downs – but at the end of the day it will always have its special place in our culture. 🙂

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      • I have some memories of the early shows – which is because in 1991 – one of my roommates used to watch reruns of SNL – (with gilda) and well, still laugh every time we see “junk in a box” – ha! (pg version of course)

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          • yes – and for some reason the skit that always comes to mind was one I saw while getting fro work the one day – think it was called “one night stand perfume” or something – and the guy looks at the camera and says “Damn…” I dunno – something like that – but funny how some of the lines become so memorable. and of course was their ever more divine appointment than having a character who could do Palin so well. whew – amazing.


  2. Wow ! That’s some memory for you Thomas. I have seen SNL here in Spain on one of the satellite US financial TV channels, but not very often.
    Maybe you and Katrina will be together in a movie one day 😀
    I watched the three of you on the YT video talking about ghosts etc. Loved it !
    Have a great week my friend 😀

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  3. Pretty certain Networking had a big part or partS in all this coming together. Resilience is important surely, as is communicating within the community. Progress can feel elusive, but you always succeed! Well done Entertainer!!

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