“I know what I’m doing!”

Thomas J Bellezza• “I know what I’m doing!”

Entertainers have what I call an EGO. It’s bigger than their drive, stronger than success, and scariest of all… it lies to them all day with such honesty how could they listen to reason! It says things like: “I’m so awesome, amazing and unique that people will just want to be apart of my world!”, oh, or this “I have no idea why people are not coming to see me perform!”, “Why the hell am I not signed or successful yet!”. Does this even sound like the voice of a person knowing what they are doing? To me, it’s the idea of success from watching TV, or reading about success. Doing what others are doing in the spotlight is not what they did to get there.

It can be extremely difficult to see past an idea that manifested in our own heads. This is our own idea, it has to work, because I came up with it. This is where I use to be a long, long, time ago. I would stand around wondering why nothing was happening. I had Shirts, I had CD’s, I was even performing every week. Why was my band doing nothing!? Then it clicked, I was working as if I was already successful. I was emotionally attached to my idea of how it works. I didn’t want to hear what others had to say. How do they know better than me. This is my idea and I know what I’m doing!

Entertainers have one shot at a chance in success. Unless you vanish and delete everything people know of you to try again; think Jack Roy. Of course if you do your research you know his real name is “Jacob Rodney Cohen”. Learn where successful people came from. The hard work that went into it. I have had mentors, and people who gave me the time of day to listen to them and learn the process. There is more to it than our talent. Success is more than working hard. I say to people “Don’t work hard, but be productive”. What we do is important as our time is limited. Be more than you think it is, and listen, research, and shut your EGO up!

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