Head up, looking outward

Thomas J Bellezza
• Head up, looking outward

This morning I was awoken by my puppy, again. This nine month old Rottweiler is an alarm all himself. Every morning 6:30 AM; or Pee-O’clock to him. It means; feed him, take him out for bathroom time and then on a walk if he so demands it. He demanded it. I was very tired at this point and kind of wobbled along with him with my head down at the ground. Tired on more than one front. Emotionally, stressed, business, and life in general. That’s true for a lot of people. We get warn down. And I am a workaholic, so stopping to breathe is difficult. But I kept my head down, between the cold, and the lack of care to look up.

At one point I decided to look up, stretch my back, and stand tall. Why lean over with this feeling!? What I saw was beautiful. The snow from last night’s fall had painted over my view’s landscape see an image that my photographic mind would enjoy until the day I die. It reminded me of a few things. That life, even in the cold, or when you’re not feeling it, has something cheerful to behold upon us if we just take the time to look up. Lift your head once in a while. See the world, and stop watching your feet. Watch where you are going. Look around and see what life is handing you.

The dog loves the cold snow, and I love the dog happy. It’s a trade off. The world can be cold. It can be cruel. The world is something to be feared. But life, life is about being fearless. Breaking down the walls of worry, or trudging on through life. Embrace, change, and command your purpose. I have to remember that life is about taking moments to breathe. I work so much, so hard, and it is worth it. But what about me? What about my body and soul!? Yeah, I have to remember that this part of it is important too. Our bodies are a part of the scenario. Keep your head up, and look outward!

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7 thoughts on “Head up, looking outward

  1. Yep! I have to remind myself, “Self you’re getting to self involved, self pity is sure to follow. What great advice: throw my shoulders back, hold my head up and greet the beauty of the world. Thanks.

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