Kindness becomes kindness

Thomas J. Bellezza
• Kindness becomes kindness

This Traveling Adventure can be tough on any soul. Between rejections, hard work falling short, even tripping over my own feet; there is nothing more off putting than rudeness. Rudeness is one reason the local level of entertainment is failing. Comedians, musicians, actors, writers, everyone involved in entertainment on a local level are fighters. But, they are fighting the wrong people. They are fighting each other. Not all people, obviously, I am generalizing. My fear is this is a bad habit being taught to newer people each year and thus corrupting the system.

I run into people about once a week. I mean, I don’t actually run into them. I see where I am running. In fact, I walk most places. I am too old for running… getting back on topic. About once a week a rude person finds their way into my path. Either having an attitude or attacking what it is I am doing. What I am doing with my own career, or with Top of the Bottom Pile. Either way, why attack it? What is so wrong about wanting to work with everyone. This life is short, teams are needed. Hell, a business will fold under itself if you don’t have the correct team working with you.

There is a firm belief which I live by; Be nice to everyone, because you never know who someone is or who they know. Besides that fact of opportunities being squandered because a person is a dick; remember the concept of success. People who work together have longevity. Adam Sandler is a great example. People might not be enjoying his movies of late, but who cares!? He is doing what he loves still, and most of all, he does it with the people he loves. His friends. He even helps his friends get things off the ground for themselves. My goal in life is to be at a point I can do that. Don’t tell anyone, but I am bringing all my friends with me.

Have questions!? Email me those questions and I’ll answer them. What kind of questions? Any and all questions: Business, relationship, financial, about the entertainment world, living the dream, ANYTHING! Peace in harmony


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