Whether this weather weathered me

Thomas J. Bellezza
Whether this weather weathered me

I could be one of those hundred people going off to colonize Mars. Insane. Never coming home. They are going to take a chance in their life to do something amazing. What am I doing? What are you doing!? We are trivial in the course of what is good and evil in life. Between wars and peace a battle rages on. Yet, these hundred people are making their way across seven months of travel to lay rest on a Red Planet. I wonder if Tim Robbins is still floating around in her outer atmosphere!? Hmm. Crappy movie, amazing adventure for people in real life. Wow. I find myself complaining or worried at times. Whether I allow the weather outside to make me feel weathered, or I take a chance at my life: These are things we should all make an effort doing.

I’m, at my current moment, doing Stand-Up, Music, Acting, and Writing. That’s a lot for one person to set sail with. But so is leaving Earth forever. They are excited to be out in “chance” taking land. So, why not me!? I may not be heading into the great unknown of space. Though I am always at the mercy of destiny’s winds. I own the sail, the boat, and the vessel of time carrying me across the ocean of chance. Like these brave individuals, we here on Earth should take on that strength and be more than “what if”. Open your mind to live the life you seek. I can fail, sure, I have failed a lot. I’ve failed in relationships, friendships, jobs, ventures, even against myself I have failed. It is the getting back up and cleaning yourself off part that separates me from the rest.

February; Feb-R-U-ARY! Feb, are you airy? Damn right it is. It is cold. And I love the cold. The cold can be condemning. It is nice and crisp. I love feeling warm cuddling up in blankets over having to lay naked with not one touch of sheet on my body because heat outside is draining. Yes, I am a cold lover. I love snow too. When it comes down, outside, fluffy, and if I were a kid; me outside rolling around in it. As an adult, I am not that big of a fan of Snow and me together. Now, as I brave myself through a cold winter into March Madness I take on my life head first into the mist of life. Take my hand I tell myself, and I will carry you through the white barriers of winter and into your purpose. Give up on giving up and DO!

Have questions!? Email me those questions and I’ll answer them. What kind of questions? Any and all questions: Business, relationship, financial, about the entertainment world, living the dream, ANYTHING! Peace in harmony

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4 thoughts on “Whether this weather weathered me

  1. There is NO WAY I would spent 6 months in a capsule the size of a cement mixer for 6 months just getting to Mars. I have enough adventures living here in Spain and I am happy with that.
    I am also the opposite. I like the warmth of summer here. I can’t stand to be cold.
    BUT I love to read about your sail boat Thomas. I hope fame awaits for you. 😀

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